Survivor Philippines Palau Grand Finale

Three girls (one is a transsexual) will compete as the Pinoy Sole Survivor of Survivor Philippines Palau during the live grand finale tomorrow, Friday, November 13, 2009 at the Studio 5 of GMA Network.

The Final 3 castaways are Justine Ferrer (a transsexual), Jef Gaitan and Amanda Coolley Van Cooll.

Who among the three ladies will be the first "Pinay" Sole Survivor and take home the P3,000,000 grand prize?

My personal favorite is Amanda Coolley Van Cooll, but Mykiru's popularity poll wants Justine Ferrer, who was just a wildcard contender, to win this season.

The winner of Survivor Philippines Palau will only be revealed tomorrow night as the Final 3 face the jury, which is composed of 7 ex-castaways.


And speaking of Mykiru's Popularity Poll, which was conducted since the show started last August, the most favored castaway according to Mykiru's readers is no other than Marvin Kiefer, getting 14% of the total votes.

With that, Mykiru gives Marvin Kiefer the "Most Popular Castaway" title.

Marvin is closely followed by Suzuki Sadatsugu with 13% and Justine Ferrer with 10%.

Marvin Kiefer 14%
Suzuki Sadatsugu 13%
Justine Ferrer 10%
Shaun Rodriguez 9%
Jef Gaitan 9%
Vlad Nesas 8%
Amanda Coolley Van Cooll 8%
Echo Caceres 7%
Louie Ang 7%
Mika Batchelor 6%
Troy Perez 3%
Cris Bolado 3%
Maya Segovia 1%
Tara Macias 1%
Charles Fernandez 1%
Carol Gementiza 1%

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