Dissolving Bathing Suit: Would you wear it?


In Germany, a water soluble bikini or a dissolving bathing suit for women has been invented recently.

The said dissolving bikini is now being shopped around the net and according to its description, it will quicky dissolve in water in just 3 minutes. Whew!

Meaning, when you wear it, let's say, when you're swimming, the water soluble bikini you're wearing will be completely lost when you get out of the water.

On one online shop, the dissolving bathing suit is marketed this way:

Scope of supply: 1 water soluble bikini in a very nice gift box. It looks like an ordinary pair bikini, but after 3 minutes contact with water it will fall to pieces! Note: the sizes 34 and 36 are string tangas, sll other sizes are slips. GET NAKED! Material: 80% polyamide, 20% elasthane.

One guy who bought this bikini as gift to his girl made this comment on one site:

"It was soooo funny. I met this girl and said she would look great in a bikini, so I made a big deal about getting her one of these [water soluble bikini] and putting it in a cool fancy gift box before we went to the beach. She changed in the car and the rest is history."

It might be interesting for some, but not for women's rights activist Rosmarie Zapfl.

She told UK's The Sun: "It is an absolute insult to women that this has been invented."


Wonder why there's no water soluble trunks available.

From a transparent bikini, to invisible bikini and now, a water soluble bikini...what do you think would be next?

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