Tom Cruise's son Connor to star in the remake of "Red Dawn"

Connor Kidman Cruise (left), the adopted son of Tom Cruise (right) and ex-wife Nicole Kidman, will be having his biggest break in a movie as he stars in the remake of "Red Dawn" which was first made as a movie in 1984 and considered one of the most violent films in history.

Connor, who is only 14 and on his way to becoming a Hollywood hunk, will play the role of Daryl Bates which was first portrayed by Darren Dalton.

Hottie Chris Hemsworth (right photo, Star Trek's George Kirk and the future "Thor") will lead the cast as Jed Eckert.

Also in the movie is the 16-year-old cutie from "Journey to the Center of the Earth" Josh Hutcherson as Connor's bestfriend.

Isabel Lucas, Edwin Hodge, Josh Peck and Adrianne Palicki have also been cast for "Red Dawn".


With Connor's visibility in the news and probably with his promising Hollywood career, there's this woman who's claiming she is the biological mother of Connor.

And what is funnier is that, the woman, who is identified as Claire Elisabeth Fields Cruise, alleged that Connor is her son with the late Michael Jackson.

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