Charmers Andre Endique and Ralph Almeda

Andre Alejandro Endique is the featured "Cute Guy" on MEG's August 2009 issue.

WHERE YOU’VE SEEN HIM: This cutie has played the boy-next door in numerous ads including the Coca-Cola commercial where he flashed his pearly whites in suspended motion (giving his fans more time to focus on his good looks). He also helped out a gal pick up her loose change in a Ponds TVC and swindled a girl off eating the last fry in KFC’s bucket of fries.

DETERMINED ANDRE: You’d think that with his good looks, Andre would have everything served to him on a silver platter, but the aspiring young model admits he got his roles through non-stop VTRs and auditions. From all his hard work, Andre has also learned that “Life’s too short to be crying over spilt milk. I’ve had to learn that lesson a few times but now I know that it’s better to understand why unfortunate things have happened and grow from it.”

SEARCHING FOR THE ONE: Although he has the looks and stature of a model, Andre puts a lot more priority on a person’s character, he says “I like a girl with depth, someone that I can share deep meaningful moments with as well as someone with a sense of humor.”

BIG DREAMER: Going to the shoot by his lonesome, Andre appeared confident and friendly. At such a young age, he’s already developed a sense of independence and responsibility that makes him all the more endearing. When asked what’s his greatest goal in life, Andre answers, “To make sure that I carry my family name in honor in such a way that when I pass away, people will remember me as a good and honorable person.”


Also in the same issue is model Ralph "Raph" Almeda who's featured as one of the campus hotties.

Raph is an Architecture student at the University of Sto. Tomas and a veteran of modeling contests.

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