Ruffa on John Lloyd: He's loyal and trustworthy

Ruffa Gutierrez has just tweeted her reaction on a tabloid article which came out yesterday.

According to the write-up, Ruffa G has already given up her love for JL or John Lloyd Cruz because of the latter's childishness and some other reasons.

On her Twitter Account , Ruffa tweeted about 15-20 minutes ago that the article was completely false and she was never interviewed by the tabloid writer.

Ruffa once again pointed out that there's no other existing relationship between she and JL other than a special friendship.

Ruffa even defended JL that the actor is a loyal and a trustworthy friend.


Ruffa Gutierrez's first daughter Lorin Gabriella is celebrating her 6th birthday today. Happy Birthday Lorin!


The John Lloyd - Ruffa friendship already has its own Twitter and Facebook accounts. Check 'em out.


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