Miss Universe 2009 Official Results - Top 15, Top 20 and the Top 5 winners

August 23, 2009
Atlantis Paradise Island,
Nassau, Bahamas

The pageant has officially started with 83 candidates (no more Miss Turks & Caicos) burnin' hot on stage as they perform their opening number.

The opening music is Sean Kingston's Fire Burning and was choreographed by Michael Schwandt.

Whew! I love it. The girls who are wearing Carlos Alberto dresses are so lovely especially Misses Australia, Mexico, Puerto Rico and Panama who are such striking beauties while dancing.

And now it's time for their intros.

A pre-taped introduction of the candidates wearing their national costumes are being shown. Starting off with Miss Albania.

I really loved Miss China's national costume. It was always like "Wow!" even after many times of seeing it. But we already knew since last week that the winner for the Best National Costume is Miss Panama with Misses Nicaragua and Thailand as runners up.

The introduction is over. And now this year's pageant hosts Billy Bush and Claudia Jordan come out on stage and were well-received by the audience (of course!).

A short break. And when they're back, it's time for the announcement of the Top 15.

I'm getting nervous.

Yes. They're back. Tensions are getting higher. The crowd are shouting the names of their favorites. Of course, you can hear the fans cheering so loud for the host candidate Miss Bahamas. She's not in my Top 30 list (she's #37), but it would just be fine with me if she makes it to the Top 15.

You can clearly hear them shouting "USA", "Puerto Rico", "Philippines", "Mexico", "China" and even "Colombia".

Expect a lot of surprises (as always).

And the first candidate to be called is Miss...Puerto Rico. Wow!

And one by one they're called in front: Miss Iceland (ok!)...Albania (alright)...Czech Republic (ooh getting good)...Belgium (oh yeah)...Dominican Republic (yes!)...Sweden (ohh am surprised, but not too much)...Kosovo (thanks God! she's in)...Australia (I love it!) and France (great!).

Five more and they are: Switzerland (oops!!), South Africa (great choice), USA (of course), Croatia (another oops!)...

Oh my God! Where's Philippines or Indonesia?

Just one more slot left. Will it be from Asia?

And it goes to...Miss... Venezuela (oh yeah).

9 of them are from Europe.

Oh no!! There's no Asian delegate in the Top 15. Is this the first time it happened in the last 10 years?

Clearly Miss Switzerland (who's #53 on my list) is the biggest surprise this year.

Generally, I'm happy 'coz I got 10 of the Top 15.

It's time for the Top 15 to walk the runway in their swimsuits. Puerto Rico was amazing but the score was only 8.53. Ahmmpp!

Miss Switzerland walks so awkward. But she got a high score. Good for 6th place.

Miss USA's score was unfair. It should have been higher.

Miss Australia topped the swimsuit round.

And the announcement of the Top 10...

Australia, Venezuela, South Africa, Dominican Republic, Kosovo, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Puerto Rico, USA and France.

Wow! 8 of them are all in my Top 10 and all except for Switzerland are in my Top 15.


I'm not happy with Australia's performance in this round, but I'd want her to be in the Top 5.

Miss Kosovo is so stunning and sweet. I love her so much tonight.

And now it's Miss USA turn. Will she fall on stage just like the two previous Miss USA?

No, she didn't. Kristen has ended the course, but it was a boring performance for her. She got a low score: 7.55. Goodbye Top 5!

The special awardees are going to be announced...

Miss Congeniality is China while Miss Photogenic is surprisingly Thailand. Now I understand why there's no Asian in the Top 15. They're only good for the special awards. They're so mean!

Dominican Republic, Australia, Puerto Rico, Venezuela and Kosovo have been announced as this year's Top 5 finalists.

Now, the most awaited part...the Q&A:

Dominican Republic was so relaxed. Great answer. She could win.

Australia is next. Oh no! She's an exact opposite of Dominican Republic. She seem so unrelaxed. Look at the hand gestures.... I'm not happy with her answer. She won't win.

Puerto Rico...wow! love the answer.

It's time for Venezuela. She's asked about women being deprived in some corporations. And the response was great. She gave the best answer. With great confidence and wit, she could definitely win the title. Twice in a row for Venezuela.

And last but not the least... Kosovo.. I didn't grasp the idea of what she's talking, but she's the most beautiful among the 5 finalists. Yeah, she looks so sweet. Just like Miss Venezuela, she's also 18.


And the MISS UNIVERSE 2009 is Miss...Venezuela, Stefanía Fernández.

Wow! It's a back-to-back victory for Venezuela. She actually did so well in all of the three rounds (especially during the Q&A) and I was right before that she could give a 2nd consecutive win for her country.

Congrats Stefania! You deserve it!


Here's the official results:

MISS UNIVERSE 2009: Venezuela, Stefanía Fernández.
1ST RUNNER UP: Dominican Republic, Ada de la Cruz
2ND RUNNER UP: Kosovo, Marigona Dragusha
3RD RUNNER UP: Australia, Rachael Finch
4TH RUNNER UP: Puerto Rico, Mayra Matos

6th: France, Chloé Mortaud
7th: South Africa, Tatum Keshwar
8th: Czech Republic, Iveta Lutovská
9th: Switzerland, Whitney Toyloy
10th: USA, Kristen Dalton

11th: Albania, Hasna Xhukuci
12th: Belgium, Zeynep Sever
13th: Sweden, Renate Cerljen
14th: Croatia, Sarah Ćosić
15th: Iceland, Ingibjörg Egilsdóttir


Miss Photogenic - Thailand, Chutima Durongdej

Miss Congeniality - China, Jing Yao Wang

Best National Costume - Panama, Diana Broce
Runners Up: Nicaragua, Indiana Sánchez and Thailand, Chutima Durongdej

Non-winning candidates:...

Angola, Nelsa Alves
Argentina, Johanna Lasic
Aruba, Dianne Croes
Bahamas, Kiara Sherman
Bolivia, Dominique Peltier
Brazil, Larissa Costa
Bulgaria, Elitsa Lubenova
Canada, Mariana Valente
Cayman Islands, Nicosia Lawson
Colombia, Michelle Rouillard
Costa Rica, Jessica Umaña
Curaçao, Angenie 'Angie' Simon
Cyprus, Kielia Giasemidou
Ecuador, Sandra Vinces
Egypt, Elham Wagdi
El Salvador, Mayella Mena
Estonia, Diana Arno
Ethiopia, Melat Yante
Finland, Essi Pöysti
Georgia, Lika Ordzhonikidze
Germany, Martina Lee
Ghana, Jennifer Koranteng
Great Britain, Clair Cooper
Greece, Viviana Kampanile
Guam, Racine Manley
Guatemala, Lourdes Figueroa
Guyana, Jenel Cox
Honduras, Bélgica Suárez
Hungary, Zsuzsa Budai
India, Ekta Choudhry
Indonesia, Zivanna Letisha Siregar
Ireland, Diana Donnelly
Israel, Yulia Liubianitzki
Italy, Laura Valenti
Jamaica, Carolyn Yapp
Japan, Emiri Miyasaka
Korea, Seon Na-ri 'Ree Na'
Lebanon, Martine Andraos
Malaysia, JoannaBelle Ng Li Vun
Mauritius, Anaïs Veerapatren
Mexico, Karla Carrillo
Montenegro, Anja Jovanović
Namibia, Happie Ntelamo
Netherlands, Avalon-Chanel Weyzig
New Zealand, Katie Taylor
Nigeria, Sandra Otohwo
Norway, Eli Landa
Paraguay, Mareike Baumgarten
Peru, Karen Schwarz
Philippines, Pamela Bianca Manalo
Poland, Angelika Jakubowska
Romania, Elena Bianca Constantin
Russia, Sofia Rudieva
Serbia, Dragana Atlija
Singapore, Rachel Kum
Slovak Republic, Denisa Mendrejová
Slovenia, Mirela Korač
Spain, Estíbaliz Pereira
Tanzania, Illuminata James
Turkey, Senem Kuyucuoğlu
Turks & Caicos, Jewel Selver - withdrawn
Ukraine, Kristina Kotz-Gotlib
Uruguay, Cintia Dottone
Vietnam, Võ Hoàng Yến
Zambia, Andella Chileshe Matthews

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