Miss Universe 2009: Australia and Dominican Republic are bookmakers' favorites for Miss U


The candidates from Australia and Dominican Republic are the early favorites by the bookmakers at PaddyPower[dot]com.

As of the latest betting odds (August 08), Miss Australia Rachael Finch and Miss Domincan Republic Ada Aimee dela Cruz have been given odds of 12/1 while the reps from Costa Rica, Honduras, Ireland, Japan and USA all have odds of 14/1.

With that kinds of odds, it is still anybody's game and as of this point, there's no clear leader yet for Miss Universe 2009 as far as the bookmakers are concerned.

Take a look at the full list of odds for Miss Universe 2009 (available at PaddyPower):

Miss Universe 2009 Bets
Miss Australia 12/1
Miss Dominican Republic 12/1
Miss Ireland 14/1
Miss Japan 14/1
Miss Costa Rica 14/1
Miss Honduras 14/1
Miss USA 14/1
Miss Ukraine 16/1
Miss Germany 16/1
Miss Puerto Rico 16/1
Miss Mexico 18/1
Miss Lebanon 18/1
Miss Panama 18/1
Miss Venezuela 20/1
Miss Paraguay 20/1
Miss Cayman Islands 20/1

Miss Mauritius 25/1
Miss Nicaragua 25/1
Miss Philippines 25/1
Miss Argentina 25/1
Miss Sweden 25/1
Miss South Africa 25/1
Miss Croatia 25/1
Miss Aruba 25/1
Miss Albania 33/1
Miss Peru 33/1
Miss Czech Republic 33/1
Miss Italy 33/1
Miss Hungary 33/1
Miss Netherlands 33/1
Miss Colombia 40/1
Miss Russia 40/1
Miss Egypt 40/1
Miss Norway 40/1
Miss Brazil 40/1
Miss Poland 40/1
Miss Greece 50/1
Miss Malaysia 50/1
Miss Vietnam 50/1
Miss New Zealand 50/1
Miss Slovak Republic 50/1
Miss Great Britain 66/1
Miss Switzerland 66/1
Miss Serbia 66/1
Miss Iceland 66/1
Miss Guatemala 66/1
Miss Spain 66/1
Miss Belgium 66/1
Miss Cyprus 80/1
Miss Singapore 80/1
Miss France 80/1
Miss Canada 80/1
Miss Romania 80/1
Miss Ecuador 100/1
Miss Bolivia 100/1
Miss Indonesia 100/1
Miss Finland 100/1
Miss Kosovo 100/1
Miss Georgia 100/1
Miss Angola 100/1
Miss Thailand 100/1
Miss Guam 100/1
Miss Curacao 100/1
Miss India 125/1
Miss Bahamas 125/1
Miss Jamaica 125/1
Miss Bulgaria 125/1
Miss Montenegro 125/1
Miss Turks & Caicos 125/1
Miss Uraguay 125/1
Miss Estonia 125/1
Miss Ethiopia 125/1
Miss Israel 150/1
Miss Korea 150/1
Miss Ghana 150/1
Miss El Salvador 150/1
Miss China 200/1
Miss Guyana 200/1
Miss Zambia 200/1
Miss Namibia 200/1
Miss Slovenia 200/1
Miss Tanzania 200/1
Miss Nigeria 250/1
Miss Turkey 250/1

You can vote for your favorite candidate at Mykiru's Fun Poll.

* During the candidates' visit at Bahamas' National Art Gallery, Miss Thailand Chutima Durongdej fainted. She immediately recovered afterwards and kickin' better now.

* The video interview with the 84 delegates are already up at Miss Universe's official site.

* Tomorrow, August 9, the Miss Universe 2009 Bikini Fashion Show will be held wherein 5 winners will be chosen.

* There's a rumor circulating that Miss Colombia Rouillard allegedly said that she is already the winner in the pageant and that the other candidates should just be contented fighting for the 1st runner-up placement.

* Despite being a heavy favorite, Miss Mexico Karla Carillo was unhappy with what's going on in Bahamas. She was spotted crying one time after her director called her by the phone.

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