Stefania Fernandez from Venezuela is Miss Universe 2009

Miss Venezuela Stefania Fernandez, 18 and stands 5'8", has won the title of Miss Universe 2009 in Bahamas becoming the 6th Venezuelan candidate to win the title.

It's also important to note that she succeeded the title from last year's winner Dayana Mendoza who's also from Venezuela, a first in Miss Universe history.

With that, Venezuela is truly the #1 beauty powerhouse in the world.

Stefania and Venezuela have actually more in "common".

Aside from being Miss Venezuela and Miss Universe titleholders, Stefania's father was once a kidnap victim just like Dayana, who herself, survived a kidnapping incident before winning the crown.


During the Miss Universe 2009 Finals in Bahamas, Stefania almost didn't make it in the Top 5. In the Evening Gown competition which determined who would advance to the Top 5, Stefania was in 5th place.

She was 4th in the swimsuit round.

And it was actually Dominican Republic, Kosovo and Australia who performed the best both in swimsuit and evening gown competitions.

Stefania's witty response and poise under pressure during the Question & Answer portion helped her a lot in winning the Miss Universe 2009 title.


Except for having no Asian delagate and too much Europeans in the Top 15, this year's results are generally favorable.

Mykiru has correctly predicted 10 of the official Top 15 semifinalists, 8 of the Top 10 Finalists and 3 of the Top 5 Winners.

At one point on Mykiru's list, it was able to correctly guess four of the official Top 5. That was in August 15 list of favorites.

In fact, Mykiru mentioned there that the candidates from Venezuela, Dominican Republic, Australia, France, Puerto Rico, Kosovo and a few more showed above-average performances during the preliminaries. And all those aforementioned countries turned out to be the official Top 6 of the pageant.

Biggest "miss" this year is Miss Mexico Karla Carillo while the biggest surprise is Miss Switzerland Whitney Toyloy.

1. Australia, Rachael Finch - 3RD RUNNER UP
2. USA, Kristen Dalton - 1OTH PLACE
3. Dominican Republic, Ada de la Cruz - 1ST RUNNER UP

4. Mexico, Karla Carrillo
5. Puerto Rico, Mayra Matos - 4TH RUNNER UP
6. South Africa, Tatum Keshwar - 7TH PLACE
7. Venezuela, Stefanía Fernández - MISS UNIVERSE 2009
8. Czech Republic, Iveta Lutovská - 8TH PLACE

9. Russia, Sofia Rudieva
10. France, Chloé Mortaud - 6TH PLACE
11. Netherlands, Avalon-Chanel Weyzig
12. Philippines, Pamela Bianca Manalo
13. Belgium, Zeynep Sever - 12TH PLACE
14. Kosovo, Gona Dragusha - 2ND RUNNER UP

15. Indonesia, Zivanna Letisha Siregar
16. Colombia, Michelle Rouillard
17. Japan, Emiri Miyasaka
18. Slovak Republic, Denisa Mendrejová
19. Hungary, Zsuzsa Budai
20. Spain, Estíbaliz Pereira
21. Honduras, Bélgica Suárez
22. Vietnam, Võ Hoàng Yến
23. Guatemala, Lourdes Figueroa
24. Jamaica, Carolyn Yapp
25. Ukraine, Kristina Kotz-Gotlib
26. Brazil, Larissa Costa
27. Peru, Karen Schwarz
28. Iceland, Ingibjörg Ragnheiður Egilsdóttir - 15TH PLACE
29. Albania, Hasna Xhukuci - 11TH PLACE

30. Nicaragua, Indiana Sánchez
31. China, Jing Yao Wang
32. India, Ekta Choudhry
33. Great Britain, Clair Cooper
34. Thailand, Chutima Durongdej
35. Ethiopia, Melat Yante
36. Canada, Mariana Valente
37. Bahamas, Kiara Sherman
38. Guam, Racine Manley
39. Paraguay, Mareike Baumgarten
40. Ireland, Diana Donnelly
41. Sweden, Renate Cerljen - 13TH PLACE
42. Ecuador, Sandra Vinces
43. Italy, Laura Valenti
44. Panama, Diana Broce
45. Singapore, Rachel Kum
46. Curaçao, Angenie 'Angie' Simon
47. Croatia, Sarah Ćosić - 14TH PLACE
48. Zambia, Andella Chileshe Matthews
49. Egypt, Elham Wagdi
50. Bolivia, Dominique Peltier
51. Argentina, Johanna Lasic
52. Finland, Essi Pöysti
53. Switzerland, Whitney Toyloy - 9TH PLACE
54. Lebanon, Martine Andraos
55. Serbia, Dragana Atlija

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