Is Kelly Clarkson pregnant?

American Idol Season 1 winner Kelly Clarkson performed during the results night of American Idol Season 8 last Wednesday, March 11, 2009.

She was obviously heavier as she performed My Life Would Suck Without You, creating speculation that she is pregnant.

On the show, Ryan Seacrest asked Kelly about her love life and she said that she currently has no one special in her life.

But that didn't stop American viewers to think she is indeed pregnant especially with the very noticeable weight gain.

In a recent interview with USA Today (prior to her American Idol performance last night), Kelly Clarkson said that she has no desire of having children 'coz she wouldn't be a good mother.


Still on American Idol Season 8....

There was a double elimination last night, which was the twist that Ryan Seacrest announced on the show's Tuesday episode.

From Top 13, the finalists are now down to 11.

Yesterday, I've guessed that anyone among Jasmine Murray, Michael Sarver and Jorge Nuñez will be voted off.

So who went home?

The actual results had Jasmine Murray, Anoop Desai and Jorge Nunez in the bottom three, with Jasmine and Jorge as the eliminated finalists.

Meet American Idol Season 8 Top 11:

Kris Allen
Megan Corkrey
Anoop Desai
Matt Giraud
Danny Gokey
Alexis Grace
Allison Iraheta
Adam Lambert
Scott MacIntyre
Lil Rounds
Michael Sarver

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  1. Totally looked like she's pregnant. Not just the weight gain, because we all know that happens. But she very obviously had a very round tummy. The outfit she wore did not help, and looked very maternity. Even with the loose material at the front, her stomach was pushing out against it. No one can watch her performance from last night's AI and not think she's pregnant. I was shocked. If it truly is just weight, then she should start exercising. Not saying she needs to lose much, but she just didn't look healthy last night.