Angel Locsin's controversial MMK episode

The controversy started when some people questioned the story of a Summa Cum Laude graduate portrayed by Ms. Angel Locsin in Maalaala Mo Kaya or MMK: Ang Tahanan Mo last February 28.

The said episode was entitled Blusa (Blouse) which tells the story of a Summa Cum Laude graduate of BS AgriBusiness from the University of the Philippines Los Baños (UPLB) but was unable to get a decent job and ended up as a beerhouse dancer.

She then lost her sanity afterwards and become a taong grasa.

Sometimes, having a 'Cum Ladue' honors could go against you. Some companies' hiring/recruitment officers might not hire you because they feel they are better than them, they think you will demand higher salary and/or you are overqualified for the position, which on Angel's MMK episode, it was shown that some companies didn't want to hire her because she's way overqualified.

Angel's character was also shown wearing the same attire all over again, a blouse (not a business attire) given to her by her sister, whenever she had a job interview.

She was also overly confident and had high hopes for herself.

But some contest, especially the UPLB alumni, that the story was not convincing since a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the country's top university should always get a job. Maybe, that's a general thing, but there's always an exception.

I think, if the girl on MMK did not indicate the Summa Cum Laude honors she got from UP and applied as an office personnel, maybe she'll get hired.

And also, the story was only told by the girl's sister and it could be presented in different way if the girl herself has shared the story, which is not possible because the girl is not in stable mental condition.

For me, I think that the said MMK story tells us of the existing employment condition in the country, that the government does not have clear benefits package to our graduates.

It is somehow a challenge for our lawmakers, that someday, I hope they could create a law for our graduates, that whenever someone graduated with atleast Cum Laude honors, they should be given utmost priority in getting a job, they should be given higher salaries and they should not be rejected by employers.

Who knows, maybe someday, it will become unlawful for any employers to reject applicants who are Cum Laude graduates. Or else, they'd be punished.

ABS-CBN, who airs MMK, has already released a statement regarding the matter and admitted that they, themselves, failed to check the accuracy of the story sent to them.

Here's the official statement goes:

Storytelling in Maalaala Mo Kaya (MMK) is always based on narratives sent to the program by people who want to share their stories. MMK decides to go into production of the chosen stories, ONLY after the letter sender has signed a waiver attesting to the authenticity of the story sent.

MMK recognizes that a number of UPLB alumni are questioning the truthfulness of one letter sender who claims that her sister, the main character in “Blusa” essayed by Ms. Angel Locsin, was indeed a UPLB BS AgriBusiness, summa cum laude graduate, who could not find a job and ended up as a stripper.

When MMK found out about the adverse reactions, the MMK production group went back to the letter sender to inform her of the issue raised and to re-verify her account. She reiterated that she stands by her story.

Be that as it may, and after careful deliberation, MMK realizes that its writing and research pool may have been remiss in one thing----verifying with UPLB the veracity of the indicated facts of the letter sender. Having said that, MMK sincerely apologizes for the oversight.

MMK always aims for truth and excellence. This incident may have deviated from its tight norm, but rest assured that MMK will continue to serve its publics with utmost care and respect.


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4 Comment(s):

  1. nice acting by angel in mmk

  2. I can believe that this can happen to those that are unfortunate and not connected to politics, prominent person or without money in our country. This happened to me after graduating Cum Laude from college. I wrote to Lourdes Quisumbing then the Education Secretary, and it took another year after daily follow-up before I got the job. Racism, preferential treatment and catering to younger people (age and beauty) makes a big difference. I've been there and unfortunately this is the truth!!

  3. this has nothing to do with cum laudes not getting a job because they are overqualified. it's a simple case of storytelling exhaggerated for television.

    passing a law that prioritize cum laudes over ordinary graduates is a very dumb idea. all graduates must have equal opportunities, regardless of their academic accomplishments. companies have a prerogative to hire whoever they deemed qualified for a job position. im a cum laude graduate too, but i do not think that the author's idea is fair.

    what our the government should do is to create more jobs for the Filipinos and encourage entrepreneurship.

  4. may acting award na naman to!!