AVIMA 2009 Nominees

The Philippines has 20 nominations in the Malaysia-based Asia's Voice Independent Music Awards (AVIMA) 2009, with the awarding ceremonies happening on March 29th in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

There are 16 Asian countries in competition for the 1st ever ANIMA 2009, making it as the biggest indie music awards in the world.

Aside from the Philippines, other countries who sent entries for ANIMA 2009 were China, India, Thailand, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Brunei, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Korea, Malaysia, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia and Kazakhstan.

You guys can support your favorite nominees by voting at this SITE, results of which will form 30% of the final scores.

Here's the complete list of nominees for the 1st Asia Voice Independent Music Awards (2009):

Best Pop/R&B Song
Stay - Estrella (Malaysia)
Naino Sey – Sanjay Divecha (India)
Do It Again -Shaair and Func (India)
Find Away - APLS (Korea)
You Make It Hot - Jeevz Feat Kraft & MC Rishi (Malaysia)
Khabarkan – Luscious (Malaysia)

Best Pop Act (Group/duo)
No Reply (Korea)
Estrella (Malaysia)
Overload Romance (Indonesia)
Swissy (Philippines)
Melissa Indot (Malaysia)
White Shoes and The Couples Company (Indonesia)

Best Rock Song
Wanting You - Deja Voodoo Spells (Malaysia)
Tunjuk Perasaan -The Times (Malaysia)
Save Our Souls - Electrico (Singapore)
Sexy Beast – The Out of Body Special (Philippines)
Marabahaya (E.A.R version) – Pop Shuvit (Malaysia)
Grim Phantasm – Zero Sequence (Singapore)
Empires-Juliana Down (UAE)
Slave In Us - Estranged (Malaysia)
OM - Another Vertigo Rush (India)
Archipelago - MRI (Philippines)

Best Rock Act(Group/duo)
Pop Shuvit (Malaysia)
Motherjane (India)
The Out of Body Special (Philippines)
Bittersweet (Malaysia)
The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore)
Ritmic-Traumatic (Indonesia)
Koil (Indonesia)
One Buck Short (Malaysia)
FBI (Hong Kong)
Phonebooth (Korea)

Best Rock Vocalist
Rithan - Deja Voodoo Spells (Malaysia)
Ashu (India)
B-Quartet - Bani Haykal (Singapore)
Los- The Out Of Body Special (Philippines)
Saiful – The Great Spy Experiment (Singapore)
Inch Chua – Allura (Singapore)
Suraj- Motherjane (India)
Dave Tan - Electrico (Singapore)
Dia hassan-Juliana down, (UAE)
Maik – Salindiwa (Philippines)

Best Dance/Electronica Song
A Postcard from Rome- Violent Jokes (Hong Kong)
Hard to Forget-Shaair and Func (India)
Funky Wah-Wah-Walking In The Moonlight (Thailand)
Unperfect sky - Elemental gaze (Indonesia)
I am Glam- Ze! (Malaysia)
Freight Train – Funky Gong (Japan)

Best Dance Act(Group, duo)
Jojouka (Japan)
Everybody loves Irene (Indonesia)
Transient vortex (Malaysia)
Violent jokes (Hong Kong)
Taken by Cars (Philippines)
Shaair and Func (India)

Best Dance Act (Solo)
Melissa Indot (Malaysia)
CC Sound factory (Singapore)
Funky gong (Japan)
Analog Girl (Singapore)
Vivek Rajagopalan (India)
Cerumentric (Philippines)

Best Hip Hop Song
Piece Of The Pie - Pop Shuvit feat. Inspectah Deck (Malaysia)
中美协和 (Power Of Mind) - Rhyme BOT (China)
Poppin - Kraft and Jeevz (Malaysia)
I Got You (Let It Drip) - Soul Blaze (Singapore)
Fly Me Around The World - Joe Flizzow (Malaysia)
Superheroes - The Diplomats International (Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand/Hong Kong)

Best Hip Hop Solo Act
Altimet (Malaysia)
Omar Fights Back (UAE)
Joe Flizzow (Malaysia)
Soul Blaze (Singapore)
Krishan Maheson(Sri Lanka)
Aerowitadot (Philippines)

Best Hip Hop Group
The Diplomats International (Indonesia/Malaysia/Singapore/Thailand/Hong Kong)
The Rebel Scum (Malaysia)
Thaitanium (Thailand)
Dose 2 (Malaysia)
Rhyme BOT (China)
Dice & K9 (Mobbstarr) (Philippines)

Best Instrumental
Funk – Phoenyx (Malaysia)
Let me erase you - Elemental gaze (Indonesia)
Guitar duet-sanjay divecha (India)
One day on moon - jang seiyong (Korea)
The ship is going down-skasucks (Korea)
Night Flight – Oriental Express (Korea)

Best Song To Play At Camp Fire and To Do Away With Monday Morning Blues (for all songs acoustic, folk or mellow)
Yuna- Deeper conversation (Malaysia)
Naino sey - Sanjay Divecha (India)
Love Song - Oh, Jieun (Korea)
Propose a day – No Reply (Korea)
Movie song – Sandra (Philippines)
Wont Be Very Far – Remy J (Malaysia)

Best College Act
Bunk Face
21st rebel street

Best Guitar “Goreng” Riff
This is it-thermal and a quarter (India)
Grim phantasm-zero sequence (Singapore)
Nrocinu-pendekar tangan berapi (Malaysia)
Rock and roll ban-Slur (Thailand)
Cookie monster-Workshop (India)
Funk – Phoenyx (Malaysia)

Most Mind Blowing Music Video
Sexybeast- The Out Of Body Special (Philippines)
Archipelago- MRI (Philippines)
She’s Hot- Grooveriders (Thailand)
CC Sound Factory -So Shiok (Singapore)
Sona -Thinking About You (Taiwan)
Vivek Rajagopalan – Snake in the city (India)
Updharmadown- Taya (Philippines)
Taken by cars- December 2 (Philippines)
Aurora –Estranged (Malaysia)
Fix me- Ashu (India)

Best Overall Female Vocalist
Yuna (Malaysia)
Irene Yohanna (Everybody Loves Irene)
Melissa Indot (Malaysia)
Inch chua –Allura (Singapore)
Armi Millare – Up dharma down (Philippines)
Taken by cars- Sarah Marco (Philippines)

Sunshiny-Feelgood song of the year
Shruthi - Life is a Mystery (Malaysia)
Overload romance – Layang-layang (Indonesia)
Chantek – Altimet (Malaysia)
Happy- Sid Coutto (India)
I Feel Love – Djaypee (Malaysia)
Supercool - The Dorques (Philippines)

Moody-melancholic masterpiece
Floating-Menwhopause (India)
Archipelago-MRI (Philippines)
Love is strange- Everybody loves Irene (Indonesia)
Taya- Up dharma down (Philippines)
April – Analog girl (Singapore)
Malique - Layu (Malaysia)

Genre Bending-Mindboggling-Out of this world Track!
Grim Phantasm - Zero sequence (Singapore)
Wish you’ll never leave time- Lard Brothers (Singapore)
Together again - Shaair and Func (India)
Possessive-The otherside orchestra (Malaysia)
Skaholic-skasucks (Thailand)
Never never - Jojouka (Japan)

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