GMA 7 will try to win back Manny Pacquiao

GMA 7, who was Manny Pacquiao's home for almost two year, is very much disappointed with Manny Pacquiao's decision of leaving Solar Sports and returning to ABS-CBN.

The sudden transfer will now give an exclusive rights for ABS-CBN to broadcast Pacquiao's upcoming fights including the one with Ricky Hatton on May 2nd.

In an official statement made by GMA 7, the network has clarified some important points:

1. The existing contract for the airing of Manny Pacquiao's fights in the Philippines is between Pacquiao and Solar Sports and NOT between Pacquiao and GMA Network;

2. Solar Sports just enters into blocktime agreements with GMA Network for the airing of Manny Pacquiao's fights in the country.

Ms. Beth Celis in her column in a daily broadsheet last March 18, 2009 said that 'The network (ABS-CBN) is said to have offered Manny full media support in the next election to ensure victory in the next year's congressional elections.' GMA Network did not offer the same to Pacquiao because the Omnibus Election Code prohibits television networks from doing so. Section 95 of the code states that 'no contribution for purposes of partisan political activity shall be made directly or indirectly' by grantees of franchises such as television networks.

"It was also reported that Pacquiao favored the other network because of ABS-CBN's dominance in Saranggani and the international presence of their reporters. GMA Network's news teams and existing contributors in key areas worldwide adequately cover important events like those of Pacquiao's activities. GMA also has a superior signal in General Santos City and environs.

"Aside from his two existing programs, Pinoy Records and Totoy Bato, GMA Entertainment offered projects to Manny as soon as his schedule allows. These include his own sitcom, a drama series, concerts in Las Vegas and Los Angeles in the United States and in key cities in Canada, and boxing clinics around the Philippines. The network may have to review these now in light of the recent developments.

"Moreover, according to GMA's Legal Counsel, Atty. Dick B. Perez, Manny Pacquiao has a separate contract with GMA Network which prohibits him from appearing on 'any television program, show, promotion or event of any other broadcast media entity other than GMA and its subsidiaries and affiliates without the written consent of GMA.' GMA has not given him its consent to appear in ABS-CBN."

GMA 7 also sent a letter to Manny Pacquiao:

Dear Mr Pacquiao,

"We refer to your televised announcement that you have decided to partner with ABS-CBN and to the report that your future fights, including your match with Hatton, will now be aired in ABS-CBN.

"Please be advised that the Agreement between you and GMA still subsists and provides as follows:

"2.2 TALENT shall not appear on any television program, show, promotion or event of any broadcast media entity other than GMA and its subsidiaries and affiliates without the written consent of GMA."

"Your unilateral action to give ABS-CBN the right to air the Pacquiao-Hatton fight violates the above-referred provision to the Agreement.

"We demand that you strictly comply with the terms of our Agreement and that you recall immediately your grant to ABS-CBN of the airing right to the fight, otherwise, much to our regret, we shall take such actions as are necessary in order to protect our interests.

"We request your response to this letter within seven (7) days from your receipt hereof. If you fail to respond within the period given, we shall assume that you have not recalled your grant of airing right to ABS-CBN."

Reading between the lines, GMA 7 will try their very best to win back Manny Pacquiao and enforce the contract made between Pacquiao and the network.


Meanwhile, Solar Sports has also expressed disappointment over the matter and is planning to sue Pacquiao, for violating the contract made by the boxing champ to Solar Sports, and even ABS-CBN for interfering between Pacquiao and Solar Sports.

Can anyone sue Pacquiao, who is considered one of the most powerful names in the country today and undoubtedly, today's people's hero?

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