Beau Breadlove, unzipped!


Beau Breadlove (all of a sudden) has become a controversial name in the US today (may it be in media or politics) after he was reported in January to have had a gay love affair with the newly-elected Portland Mayor Sam Adams.

The Portland Mayor is now 45 years old while Beau is 21, but the affair happened in 2001, when Beau was a legislative intern (and still a minor then).

And after all the controversies, Beau moves on and takes advantage of the popularity he gained from having an affair with Mayor Adams.

He is in the cover of Unzipped (a gay magazine) this May 2009 and talks about that scandal (his controversial relationship with Adams), how the affair leaked to the media, the kind of men that attract him the most and of course, about his s-x life.

Here's Beau Breadlove's preview cover for Unzipped Magazine:

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