Miss USA, Miss Bulgaria, Myanmar and the other girls who supported Miss Philippines

Miss Universe 2015 candidates from Bulgaria, USA, Malaysia, Myanmar and more have earned the admiration of the Filipinos worldwide for being so supportive to Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach.

Just like Miss Colombia, Pia also had a difficult awkward situation after she was called the rightful winner of the blue Miss Universe 2015 crown.

And while many, mostly Latina candidates, consoled Miss Colombia who was crying buckets of tears after she was forced to give up the crown (coz she's not real winner), there were some who showed genuineness and classy attitude by rushing to Philippines' side to congratulate her, a tradition in beauty pageants.

It's just right to give them some space here, and altogether let's take time to recognize and thank
those candidates who graciously accepted defeat, those who were sincerely happy for Pia's win and congratulated her at that moment she needed them the most (while others were rushing to Miss Colombia).

Thank you Miss USA Olivia Jordan, who was so sweet in helping Pia absorb what was happening after the host announced that she was actually the new Miss Universe. Olivia stood by her side even while they're going backstage. Can you be my BFF? I sooo loved her vibrant, fun personality even before that happened. It seems like she loves to make friends with Filipinos, 'coz she was also one of the closest to Megan Young during Miss World 2013.

Also deserving to get a big "Thank You" is Miss Bulgaria Radostina Tadorova, the ever supportive lady telling Pia to go ahead and step forward to the front of the stage when she was announced the real winner. If it wasn't for her encouragement to move to the front, Pia might have been stuck standing at the back, in total shock for minutes. She was later seen hugging and cheering for Pia, as shown in the photo above.

Sending heartfelt appreciation as well to the 3 M(s) - Myanmar, Malaysia and Mauritius - and to Misses Albania, British Virgin Islands, Israel, Austria, Cayman Islands, Belgium, Sweden and even Miss China. Who else? Did I miss anyone?

I think I also saw one of my favorites Miss Dominican Republic Clarissa Molina going
to Pia's side for a short time.

These candidates need special mention not for a good reason though: Miss Germany, who said that no one of them voted for Miss Philippines, Miss Peru, who said that Colombia is the real queen and still the winner, and Miss Angola, who was identified as the woman in the viral video telling Pia repeatedly to step back when the latter tried to reach out to Miss Colombia. May you learn something from Pia: "Be confidently beautiful with a heart". - Mykiru.ph

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