Miss Germany Sarah Lorraine Riek's controversial statement on Philippines' Miss Universe 2015 victory

Miss Universe 2015 ended up with much controversies. Other than the wrong winner announcement by host Steve Harvey, there's another one and it's about Miss Germany Sarah Lorraine Riek's statement against Miss Philippines Pia Wurtzbach winning Miss Universe 2015 over Miss Colombia.

In a viral video, Miss Germany was answering some questions, one of them was about why she chose to rush to Miss Colombia's side rather than rushing to Miss Philippines to congratulate her after being crowned the real winner.

And what did she say?

"No one of us voted for Philippines. I'm so sorry to say that. I'm not happy with the result and so are the other girls," Miss Germany said in the interview.

Can't believe she said that. Watch in the video posted by Missosology on Facebook now uploaded on Youtube by a user with the name "Miss Philippines Pia Alonzo Wurtzbach"!

I understand that Miss Germany is a close friend of Miss Colombia (see photo below), that she's also hurting over the embarrassment her Colombian friend suffered from the pageant. But her statement against Miss Philippines was so insensitive.

Is she unaware that Pia Wurtzbach is half-German? Isn't she happy that a fellow German won?

Perhaps she's just trying to make her own self feel better by saying that against Miss Philippines, 'coz she's going home empty-handed after failing to make it to the Top 15. The last time Germany entered as a semifinalist was 13 years ago.

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