MMFF 2015 Top Grossing Films as of Day 4, December 28

MMFF 2015 top grosser in the box office is still being kept a secret 4 days after the festival opened on Christmas Day.

But at least we know it's one of the four MMFF 2015 entries being repeatedly revealed as the top grossing films of the festival. (LATEST NEWS: MMFF 2015 Box Office Ranking revealed by mistake)

Those four (4) films are 'My Bebe Love', 'Beauty and the Bestie', 'All You Need Is Pag-ibig' and 'Haunted Mansion.

The Metro Manila Film Festival committee has just revealed earlier this evening that as of 4th day of the festival, December 28, 2015, total gross income for all 8 entries are now P468-million, and the Top 4 films are still those above-mentioned entries.

The first 4 days gross earnings this year (P468M) increased only 2% from the same period last year (P459M).

They have emphasized in there that the listing is in no particular order, but many believe it's already the exact ranking as of Day 4.

But this one's so sure - 2 of them already have gross receipts between P100M and P200M, and the rest are still below P100M. -

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