Pia Wurtzbach's mentor shares bad experience with Miss Germany

Pia Wurtzbach has made the Filipino people the happiest yesterday when she won Miss Universe 2015, but she however made one person the saddest in the world - Miss Universe Germany Sarah Lorraine Riek.

Her controversial statement expressing disappointment over Miss Philippines winning has now outshadowed that controversial crowning when host Steve Harvey announced the wrong winner. She's been trending for over a day now on Twitter as netizens tweet about Miss Germany's controversial reaction to Pia Wurtzbach's Miss U win, that "none of the candidates voted for Miss Philippines". (READ: Miss Germany Sarah Lorraine Riek's controversial statement on Philippines' Miss Universe 2015 win)

A friend of Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez who was "de-crowned" on live TV, Miss Germany was sympathizing with her friend after the
humiliation she suffered, but for her to say that she's unhappy with the result because "her friend" is the deserving winner is totally
unacceptable, most especially that she's also a candidate of the pageant. That's not the right attitude being expected from a beauty
queen like her.

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And now, just this morning, Pia Wurtzbach's trainor Jonas Gaffud shared something on Facebook that could somehow tell us the kind of
character she has. READ!

Oops! She lied.

Why is she taking it against Miss Philippines? Was she born on a day full of bitterness and insecurities?

To Miss Germany, it was not Pia's fault if the host made a mistake, and if she was the real winner. We're open to hear your side Miss Germany. - Mykiru.ph

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