MMFF 2015 Box Office Ranking revealed by mistake

MMFF Box Office Results as of 6th Day, December 30, 2015, show that total box office collection has already crossed the P600-mark.

The 41st Metro Manila Film Festival committee has announced both on Twitter (@mmfilmfest) and Facebook that MMFF 2015 box office earnings have already totaled P640-million within 5 days, P79M of which were earned on the 5th day (Dec. 29), P75M were collected on the 6th day (Dec. 30) and only P18M on Day 7 (a day before the New Year).

According to its announcement, '#WalangForever', which won the biggest during the Awards Night last Dec. 27 with 6 wins, has already moved up the ranking, now among the Top 4 films. They however did not reveal which film is the current top grosser (which many are very interested to know).

As shown in these 3 updates, those Top 4 (take note: in no particular order) are 'My Bebe Love', 'Beauty and the Bestie', 'Haunted Mansion' and '#WalangForever'.

Previously one of the Top 4, it could be safe to assume that 'All You Need is Pag-ibig' occupies the 5th position.

According to sources, two of the entries already surpassed P200M mark, while 3 films have gross between P50-P100M. The remaining 3 have below P50M gross income.

Meanwhile, the exact order of the films in the announcement by the MMFF committee could be the actual ranking of the Top 4 films. Why?

Let's have a look at the "Edit History" of their Facebook post. The original post shows the 4 films being ranked #1 to #4, then it was later edited to include the phrase "in no particular order". The final edit then had the numbers 1, 2, 3 and 4 removed.

It's all up to you guys if you would believe that they have made a mistake of revealing the actual ranking, then they later changed their mind to make it "secret" again.

The MMFF committee should better explain those "edits" in their FB post. People are getting suspicious now actually. Why can't they reveal the figures for each film at this point? -

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