Floyd Mayweather Jr. vs Canelo Alvarez 2013 Fight Results: Floyd wins by majority decision

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has won vs Mexican Saul "Canelo" Alvarez in a fight dubbed as "The One" held at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas on September 14, 2013 (Sep. 15 MLA time).

It was a complete domination by Mayweather and a win by majority decision was least expected. But surprisingly, one judge ruled it as a draw.

Judges' scorecards were: 114-114, 116-112, 117-111.

It's only the first time ever in Mayweather's boxing career that he won by majority decision.

There was a big age difference: Mayweather is 36, while Canelo is only 23. But they're both undefeated before the fight, with Mayweather having 44 wins (26 are knockout wins) and Canelo has 42 wins and 1 draw, with 30 knockouts.

After the fight, Mayweather remains undefeated with 45 wins while Canelo's wins remain at 42, and now has his 1st ever loss.

Personally, I wanted Canelo to win the game. But it was a well-deserved win by Mayweather. I just hope that it wasn't a fixed fight.

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