The Voice Philippines: Who completed the Top 8?

The Voice of the Philippines' 4th Live Show Sunday, Sep. 15, has revealed the 4 artists who will join Thor, Paolo Onesa, Mitoy Yonting and Morrisette Amon in the Top 8.

Just like last week, the viewers and the coaches have an equal say in the results.

The order of performances is as follows:

Janice Javier "Chain of Fools" (Team Apl)
Jessica Reynoso "Ikaw" (Team Apl)
Eva delos Santos "Ikaw Lang Ang Mamahalin" (Team Sarah Geronimo)
Klarisse de Guzman "I Can't Make You Love Me" (Team Sarah)
Isa Fabregas "No One" (Team Bamboo / Kamp Kawayan)
Myk Perez "Chasing Pavements" (Team Bamboo / Kamp Kawayan)
Kimpoy Mainit "Weak" (Team Lea)
Radha "Time After Time" (Team Lea)

The Final Results:

TEAM APL: Janice vs Jessica

Coach Apl gave Jessica 35, and Janice 65.

Oh my! That's a wide margin. I think Coach Apl kinda abused his voting power. 60/40 can already make a big difference, and 65/35 is way too much. It's like he was saying that Jessica gave a really bad performance.

Obviously, Apl wanted Janice to get through when he pitted her against Jessica. It should have been Thor vs Janice last week, and Jessica vs Penelope this week.

And most of the voters probably would strongly disagree with Apl's 65-35 decision, as a big bulk of the text and online votes went to Jessica, 60.02%, while Janice only got 39.98%.

But when totaled, it's still Janice, with 104.98 versus Jessica's 95.02.

It was a clear case of coach's vote prevailing over the public votes. If only Apl voted 60-40, it would have been Jessica by a very slim margin: Jessica - 100.02, Janice - 99.98.

We can't blame some people to think that the results were fixed. Did know beforehand the results of the public voting, so he scored 65-35 to make sure Janice would be IN?

TEAM SARAH: Mommy Eva vs Klarisse

Coach Sarah scored Klarisse 55, and Mommy Eva 45. Fair enough Sarah G.

And it's Klarisse who's joining the Top 8 after getting 68.91% of the public votes, for a total of 123.91. Mommy Eva meanwhile got the 31.09% of the votes, for a total score of 76.09.


Coach Bamboo put it tight at 45-55 when it shouldn't be that close.

Public Votes: 33.87% for Isa, 66.13% for Myk
Isa's Total Scores: 45 + 33.87 = 78.87
Myk's Total Scores: 55 + 66.13 = 121.13

TEAM LEA: Kimpoy vs Radha

As expected (but well-deserved), Radha got 60% from Coach Lea while Kimpoy got the remaining 40%.

65.5% public votes made Radha's total scores as 125.5, while 34.5% were added to Kimpoy's scores to make it 74.5.

Next week, the competition gets really tougher.

It's going to be Thor vs Janice, Mitoy vs Radha, Paolo vs Myk and Morissette vs Klarisse.

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  1. same sentiments as yours.. so sad that they have to do this just to make the viewers believe that they really have the power to save their bets..
    so sad about what happened to Jessica which received 35% only, as if she didn't sing well that night and totally never gave her a fair chance of winning..
    it seems like the coach already knew the result of the public voting that's why he really had to do something in order for Janice to win..
    lost interest after this incident, now i do believe that the management really manipulates such "realitv" shows afterall..
    haaayy.. :'(