The Voice Philippines Semi-Finals: Who will be the Final 4? My predictions...

The Top 8 artists of 'The Voice of the Philippines' will battle for the Final 4 slots. Who will make it to finals on Sep. 29?

The live back-to-back semi-finals show tonight (Sep. 21) and tomorrow (Sep. 22) will be the last time that the coaches namely Sarah Geronimo, Bamboo, Lea Salonga and will give half of the artists' total scores. And I'm hoping that none of them will mess up. No, please. Coach Apl, no more 65-35 okay?

And since the coach judges still have a say, there's a big tendency that their choices will prevail over the viewers' choices, just like the last 2 live shows, putting public votes to waste. Good examples of this were Mitoy Yonting who scored 60% in Coach Lea's scorecard and defeated Darryl Shy, who won the public votes but was only scored 40% by Lea, and the more controversial, scoring Janice Javier a high 65% and gave Jessica Reynoso, who topped in the public voting, a very low 35%.

So far, from the last 2 live shows where the judges and the public have a 50-50 share in the scoring, all those who got the higher scores from the coaches were actually the ones who advanced, and would still be the case even if there was no public voting conducted.

The Voice of the Philippines Top 8 artists (credit to ABS-CBN)

For Team Apl, it's going to be Thor Dulay vs Janice Javier. Thor will definitely win the public votes. And since this is the kind of showdown that Coach Apl wanted, he definitely won't be giving 65-35 scores to his two artists. To make up for his intriguing scores last week, he might be giving a close 55-45, or it could be a 50-50, since as I've said, a Thor vs Janice showdown was obviously what he wanted for his team when he faced off Thor vs Penelope and Janice vs Jessica.

It's going to be Thor who will remain for Team Apl.

Just like Coach Apl, Coach Lea probably is feeling very satisfied with the last 2 artists of her team, Mitoy Yonting and Radha. She super loves these two, so obvious that she picked Mitoy over Darryl Shy during their faceoff. But I think Lea loves Radha more than Mitoy.

Radha will top in the voting, and Lea might be giving a 55-45 for Radha or a 50-50. Radha will advance to the Final 4.

Kamp Kawayan will have Paolo Onesa versus Myk Perez, both charming guys. These two both have large fan base, and it's going to be a close fight in the voting.

But I would still give the higher share in the public votes to Myk Perez and Bamboo will also give him the higher score, possibly 60-40 or 55-45. Not expecting a 50-50, but knowing Bamboo, we'll see.

And finally, the toughest and most exciting showdown of all is Morissette Amon vs Klarisse De Guzman from Team Sarah. Diva vs Diva.

To give you an idea of what's gonna happen in the semi-finals, watch a video of them singing together at the presscon for The Voice Philippines Top 8: (credit to Kane Errol Choa)

I myself am torn between these two ladies. And Sarah would be having a hard time scoring them that she might just end up giving 50-50.

If it's 55-45, Sarah might give the higher score to Klarisse. Why? Because as what Sarah G. said previously, she doesn't want to be the reason again of Klarisse not realizing her dream. (Sarah defeated Klarisse in "Star For A Night".)

I also love Morissette, but I think it's Klarisse who will make it to the finals. But I won't mind if it's the other way around. So hard to decide. Grrrr.

The first part of the semi-finals airs tonight on ABS-CBN after MMK.

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