The Voice of the Philippines: Coaches' votes rule over public votes

The Voice of the Philippines eliminated 4 artists on its 3rd Live Show aired Sunday, September 8, 2013, on ABS-CBN.

Not like the 1st 2 live shows, where 1 artist from each team advanced based on public votes and another one each team also advanced after being picked by his or her coach, last Sunday's live show had 1 artist from each of the 4 teams going into next round after getting the highest points or percentage, which is 50% coach's vote and 50% public vote.

Well it looked like it was a fair scoring, with both of the coaches and the public having an equal say in the decision, but if you analyze the results, the coaches' votes were still the one which prevailed over the combined text and online votes.

3 of the coaches scored 60% for one artist, and 40% for the other one, while coach broke it down as 55% and 45%. The scores made such a big impact in 2 of the 4 teams, that whoever got the higher scores from the coaches were the ones who advanced, and the public votes had no effect at all even if added to their scores.

Darryl Shy under Team Lea Salonga suffered a lot from this. He topped in the voting, 55.89%, as against Mitoy Yonting's 44.11%, but still it was Mitoy who got saved after coach Lea gave him the 60% to make it 104.11. Darryl got only 40% from Lea, so his total score was 95.89. Most viewers probably would agree with me that Darryl gave a better performance than Mitoy.

The toughest competition was perhaps under Sarah Geronimo's team. Both Morissette Amon and Maki Ricafort are huge fan favorites, as evidenced by a very close public voting percentage of 50.41% and 49.59% respectively. But it was Sarah's decision who mattered more in this face-off. She chose Morissette, giving her the 60%, while Maki got the 40%. Total scores for Morissette were 110.41 and Maki had 89.59.

As for the other 2 teams, I'm wondering why Penelope Matanguihan was the one pitted by coach against Thor Dulay. Thor was the top vote-getter during the 1st Live Show, while Janice Javier topped during the 2nd live show and Penelope was only saved then by coach Apl. Thus, the results of the text and online voting showed that Penelope was no match to Thor: 35.38% vs 64.72%. Add Apl's points to their scores, Thor advanced with a total of 119.72, while Penelope was eliminated with only 80.28.

It's obvious that wanted both Thor and Janice in the Top 8, and as early as now, I'm already feeling sad that Jessica Reynoso would be facing her toughest opponent next week.

The case was worse in Team Bamboo. Lee Grane, who didn't top the voting during the 1st Live Show, competed against Paolo Onesa, who lorded the voting during the 2nd Live Show. Lee Grane suffered bigtime in the voting, getting only 18.76%, while Paolo got a huge 81.24%. Coach Bamboo scored 40 to Lee, and 60 to Paolo, and the sum results had Paolo getting through with a very wide margin: 141.24 vs 58.76.

Many were surprised that coach Bamboo favored Paolo over Lee. It was actually a right choice by Bamboo, and it could have been a controversial choice once again if he picked Lee. And even he gave Lee the 60%, it would still be Paolo due to his massive share in the public votes.

Mitoy Yonting, Morissette Amon, Thor Dulay and Paolo Onesa advance to the Top 8 (Photo credit to ABS-CBN)

Let's say there were no public votes, the results would still be the same. The coaches' choices were the ones who advanced.

The next live show on September 15 and let's see if it would yield same results as the last live show. The face-offs would be:

Jessica Reynoso vs Janice Javier for Team Apl
Radha vs Kimpoy Mainit for Team Lea
Eva delos Santos vs Klarisse De Guzman for Team Sarah
Myk Perez vs Isa Fabregas for Team Apl

The toughest competitions would possibly be that of Jessica and Janice, but the latter might be the one going to be saved, most especially if gives her the higher score than Jessica. (But personally, I'd like Jessica to advance. I'm hoping he gets more votes from the public.) Just like Paolo Onesa, Myk Perez I think will also get a huge share in the public votes and will be the one to be saved. Radha and Klarisse are also expected to get the coach's votes and will be the ones to advance over their opponents.

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