Miss World 2013 Live Blog: Results from the Live Stream

The Miss World Organization is providing a live stream of the Miss World 2013 Finals on its official website in partnership with Rajawali Citra Televisi Indonesia (RCTI).

At 7:30 tonight, the Miss World 2013 Live Finals or the Coronation Night starts, with 127 contestants vying for the title. Mykiru is posting below the results of the pageant based on the live streaming video.

It's taking place at the Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, and you can watch it on television live via FOX, or on GMA 7 (via satellite) at 10:30PM.

I'm predicting Miss Philippines Megan Young as Miss World 2013 winner. Other favorites for the crown are Misses Brazil, France and Ukraine while the candidates from Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Ghana, England, Australia, Nepal and India are also among the possible semi-finalists.

*The pageant has already started.

*Presenters are Mr. World 2010 Kamal Ibrahim, British singer-host Myleene Klass, Indonesian personalities Daniel Mananta and Amanda Zevannya.

*English band BLUE is among the performers and is singing "Break My Heart" now.

*The online voting for the People's Champion has been closed already. We all know that it's Miss Gibraltar who has been leading the votes.

*It's time to look at the first scoreboard containing their Interview scores. On top of the leaderboard are Misses France, Ghana and Jamaica all with 183 points. They're closely followed by Miss Philippines with 181 points, while Miss Brazil currently 5th with 178 points.

*The scores each candidate got from Beach Fashion and Sports have been tallied. Miss Brazil is now the leader, followed by France, Ghana, Jamaica and the Philippines.

*Scores from the Multimedia and the Top Model Challenges have been added. Winner of the Top Model was Miss Philippines, and she's also 4th in Multimedia, so it isn't surprising that she now takes over the top spot. Brazil dropped to 2nd, France now 3rd, Spain in 4th and England is 5th.

*Points from the Talent Challenge now included. Still the same Top 3, while Miss Ukraine climbs to 4th.

The Miss World 2013 scoreboard after the points from the Talent Challenge were added, and before the points for the Beauty with a Purpose Award. (Photo credit to @jonasofmercator via Instagram)

*After all scores from the challenges have been tallied, last to be included were those for Beauty with a Purpose, the Top 20 highest scorers remained on stage and then the Top 10 semi-finalists were called one by one, starting from the candidate who ranked 10th in the scoreboard, then 9th, 8th up to the 1st.

*Ranking 10th in the scoreboard and the first semi-finalist to be called was Miss Ghana.

*Next up was Miss Jamaica (9th).

*Spain is 8th.

*In 7th is Talent winner Miss Indonesia.

*Also IN are Miss England (6th), Beauty with a Purpose winner Nepal (5th) and France (4th).

*Australia came in 3rd, then Miss Brazil is 2nd.

*And the final slot goes to no other than Miss Philippines Megan Young. (The crowd went wild.) She ranks #1 in the leaderboard, but now that they're trimmed down to just 10, all scores are reverted back to zero.

*Shockingly, no Miss Ukraine in the Top 10.

*Those who made it to the Top 20, but failed to enter Top 10 and got eliminated were: Netherlands, Dominican Republic, India, United States, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Aruba, Ukraine and Slovakia. Their final rankings in the scoreboard weren't revealed.

*BLUE performs again before the Top 5 announcement, this time singing "One Love".

*The Top 5 finalists are revealed: France, Philippines, Ghana, Brazil and Spain.

*Then the winner of the online voting was revealed and from Top 5, it was made a Top 6. Joining the finalists is People's Champion Miss Gibraltar.

*Before the announcement of the winners, X Factor (British version) winner Matt Cardle sings for the crowd.

*A judge was interviewed and he said he's lookin' for a winner who has the poise, grace and charisma, and got social skills.

*Each of the 6 finalists takes the stage and says their piece, convincing the judges why she should be Miss World 2013.

*Megan's mom Vicky was interviewed and was asked to give a message to her daughter: "Megan, go and travel the world, and spread kindness." Is Megan the winner already?

*It's the big announcement folks. 3rd Place is Ghana.

*2nd Place or runner-up to Miss World 2013 is France.

*And the Miss World 2013 is....MISS PHILIPPINES MEGAN YOUNG!!!!

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