Megan Young speaks in Tagalog at Miss World 2013

Megan Young surprised her fellow Filipinos when she thanked them, not in English, but in Tagalog during the Miss World 2013 final in Bali, Indonesia. And that actually made Pinoys prouder of her victory.

Right after the crowning, the host, Myleene Klass, who during the Top 5 Q & A already took notice of the large Filipino crowd cheering for Miss Philippines, asked Megan about how she feels and her plans now that she's the new Miss World 2013.

Megan Young cries after being crowned Miss World 2013 (credit to MWO)

An emotional Megan answered, "No words. Salamat sa mga kababayan ko. Mahal na mahal ko kayo. Thank you so much to everyone for choosing me to be the next Miss World. It really means a lot to me, and I promise to be the best Miss World ever. Thank you.

"I always tell everyone that I'll just be myself in everything that I do, and to share what I know, and to educate people on what they can do also to help as what I'm gonna do the next year. I'm very very excited. Salamat, salamat talaga sa aking mga kabababayan na Pilipino. Para sa inyo 'to."

Klass, whose mother is actually a Filipina, admitted that she found it strange hearing Megan speaking in her native language, but she herself spoke in Tagalog while saying goodbye to the viewers: "Salamat po to all the Filipinos who have been watching this evening! I think you all now go and celebrate."

Megan saying her message in Tagalog made it more heartfelt and special. It was possibly her way of appreciating Pinoy fans' full support for her, those who have always believed that she will take home the crown.

She has shown that she's truly Pinoy, her answer to claims by those "bitter" people who are saying that she's not a true representation of a Filipina, due to the fact that she's half-American.

Born to an American dad and Filipina mom, Megan was born in the US and spent her first 10 years there. She has been living a Filipino life during the last 13 years.

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