James Yap and girlfriend Michela Cazzola love wearing sunglasses, don't they?

James Yap and girlfriend Michela Cazzola love to wear sunglasses...whether indoors or out.

James Yap's recent photo of him and Italian girlfriend on Instagram shows the couple in sweet moment while having a cup of coffee or tea somewhere in Manila. But there's one thing I've noticed in the picture.

If in their photo taken outdoor in Italy last month, James and Michela were wearing shades...

...the couple were again wearing shades in the new photo, which was shot indoors.

They're no Lady Gaga, but maybe, it's the couple's fashion statement or probably, as famous celebs, it's their way of disguising so that no one would recognize them in that place.

Or perhaps, they just love wearing those. As to who influenced who is quite interesting to know, but prior photos of Michela also show her wearing sunglasses, may it be indoors or outdoors.

Last January, I remember James Yap in the documentary "AKTV Insider: Heart and Science" where he was also featured wearing sunglasses while inside the house.

But in all fairness to the couple, they look good together, with or without the sunglasses.

James and Michela during their vacation in Europe

Dinner with the Yap family.

James Yap and Michela Cazzola's first public appearance at manager Arnold Vegafria's birthday party last Saturday (photo from Vegafria's Instagram)

James by the way captioned their photo above (the one with sunglasses indoors) as "1" which could imply that they were celebrating their 1st Anniversary as bf-gf when the photo was taken last July 21.

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