Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil break up: What happened?!?

Billy Crawford and Nikki Gil's break-up after 4 years is really shocking, and what ever happened leading to their breakup is definitely none of our business.

But for those people who consider Billy and Nikki as one of their fave showbiz couples and those who thought they were heading to forever, they can't get away from wondering why such a precious 4-year relationship had to end.

The reason of their breakup is very intriguing to some. Did one or both fall out of love? Someone cheated? They didn't grow together?

It's hard to speculate, and many are finding it hard to believe, especially that, Billy and Nikki were supposed to celebrate 5th Anniversary next
month (August 16).

According to Bandila's report last night, Nikki Gil and Billy Crawford have split after 4 years of being a couple. They broke up just last week, and reportedly, no third party involved. was the first to break the news earlier this week, and according to its report, the breakup was a mutual decision after Billy Crawford and Nikki kind of grew tired with each other.

Oh, and that's sad! That's already one excellent break-up reason, and there's nothing we can do with it anymore.

This month of July is proving to be a month of break-ups. Earlier this month, couples Mark Herras and Ynna Asistio, Melissa Ricks and Paul Jake Castillo have also parted ways, as well as Christian Bautista and Carla Dunareanu. Mark and Ynna were "on" for 5 years, while it's more than a year for Christian-Carla and Paul Jake-Melissa, who both celebrated their respective 1st anniversary last February.

Even in Hollywood! George Clooney and girlfriend Stacey Keible have also broken up this month.

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