Pippa Middleton "sunbathing photos" and "party pictures" scandal prompt lawsuit

Pippa Middleton sunbathing photos which have been published in British newspapers early this week has stirred a legal lawsuit filed by the Middleton family.

The Pippa Middleton sunbathing photos reportedly were taken during a holiday in Ibiza back in 2006 and it shows not only Pippa but also her sister Kate Middleton and Prince William, who got married last April 29.

Pippa and Kate Middleton were in their 2-piece bikini while Prince William was shirtless as they enjoyed sunbathing on a yacht and also did some diving actions.

Pippa and Kate's mother Carole Middleton was also shown in the sunbathing photos in a two-piece bikini as well as their brother James.

Associated Press reports that the Middleton family has already filed a complaint to the Press Complaints Commission against four British publications such as The News of the Worldthe Daily Mirror, The Daily Mail and The Mail on Sunday.

According to the Middleton family, it was a clear violation of their privacy.

Apart from the Pippa Middleton sunbathing photos, Pippa also has this party photos scandal which circulated on the web last week. The photos show Pippa wearing a bra and skirt partying and doing a sexy dance with a guy who's wearing only a boxer shorts.

The Middleton family is reportedly also considering filing a legal lawsuit to the website which published those pictures. And how about the alleged James Middleton photo scandal? Kate's brother also has naked photos scandal posted online where he was shown with his pants down, his hands inside his boxers, one photo exposing his behind and some naughty pics with his male friends.

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