Albie Casiño on Formspring: Andi Eigenmann is a cheater | Albie Casiño also reveals when he was circumcised

Albie Casiño on Formspring vs Andi Eigenmann on Twitter Cyberwar.

Albie Casiño allegedly accused ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann as a "cheater".

Andi reportedly was slapped on the face by a young actor, according to Saab Magalona's tweet last May 6 and when Albie Casino was asked if he was the young actor who slapped Andi, the "Mara Clara" leading man who's "on" with Andi for 2 years allegedly divulged more than what's being asked from him.

Photos of Albie Casino and Andi Eigenmann during Albie's Juniors' Prom Night at La Salle Green Hills taken in 2010 (courtesy of ilovealbiecasino @ PEX)

On his Formspring account (albiewhoshedid), Albie Casiño, who has just turned 18 last Saturday, was asked last week with this question: "albie!!!!!!!! sinabe ni andi (eigenmann) to all her friends na sinampal mo daw cya. sa twitter ni saab parang ikaw yung young actor.nanamapl daw. kaw ba talaga yun? ;>"

Albie responded: "So much bullshit. I never hit her. Maybe one of her many boys did. Andi's a cheater kasi she has maybe 10 guys. Ao yeah nope not me."

It's unsure though if it's really Albie's official Formspring account or only a poser is running that account. But according to Andi herself, it's a real account of Albie 'coz she was with Albie when he made that Formspring account.

If it's really Albie, maybe the fact that he was being accused of slapping Andi which he never did has irked Albie too much that he was able to say those things against Andi.

Albie already said before in an interview that he doesn't like to work with Andi in a project, and that new statement allegedly made by Albie on Formspring could clearly tell us that he and Andie were not really okay since they broke up.

More and more Andi Eigenmann-related questions were asked to Albie which he gamely answered after he labeled Andi as a cheater.

Question: Are you and Andi are still friends?
albiewhoshedid: Nope

Question: what happened to you and Andie?
albiewhoshedid: I treated her so badly towards the end of our relationship. I just wanted her to leave me. All she ever did was love me and I took it for granted. I never really cared abt it. Ask any of the people who know us, everyone would agree to this.

Question: hey albie!.i dont like andie telling twitter some negative things bout u!.dont worry,i know ur just human and those nonsense wouldn't make me love u less!;)
albiewhoshedid: Thank you. Anf i hope you know thats not true. I would never do anything to hurt anyone

Question: Would there ever be a chance na maging friends kau ulit ni Andi? :)
albiewhoshedid: Maybe when hell freezes over hahaha

Question: did you really physically hurt andie?
albiewhoshedid: Nope my parents raised me never to hit anyone. Well ive gotten into fights so ive hit people but only if i really have to

Question: Why doing that to Andi? If you're a gentleman, you should've kept your mouth shut. Poor Andi. Never knew your that kind of guy. Tsk tsk.. Disappointed! :(
albiewhoshedid: Wow yeah belive everything you hear that will get you places

Question: kelan ka nagpatuli? para maiba lang puro andi eh lolz
albiewhoshedid: Hahahahaha! T-ng-na pare panalo ka! We would be friends is we knew eachother panalo talaga yun pare

Question: You and andi were friends before! what happened? I saw pictures of you and andi in asap.
albiewhoshedid: It all went south

Question: Albie sana nanahimik ka na lang, konting respeto naman kay Andie wag mo na sanang i-broadcast ang PERSONAL LIVES nyo, sige na ikaw na magaling, ikaw na cool, ikaw na din ang habulin ng mga babae. GB.
albiewhoshedid: What the hell is GB? if you dont like the song change the station man.

Question: what can you say sa mga tweets ni andie about you?
albiewhoshedid: I havent seen them. But i dont care she can bash me all she wants. I'll just keep quit here

Question: The first time I knew you and Andi were together, i'll already expect that it would not last. I'm sorry but I don't see any chemistry for you both in real life :)) Julia would be better XD
albiewhoshedid: wow man. we dated for 2 years home boy.

Question: Do you still love Andie?
albiewhoshedid: not one bit

Question: hindi ba parang FOUL na yung mga words na binibitawan mo??...don't you really care about andi's feelings??..pre, babae yun...give her some respects...
albiewhoshedid: respects? dude just dont but in man, its none of your business

Question: so what we're gonna expect is that you and andi will never be friends ever again? i'm so sorry :(
albiewhoshedid: its cool. your never really friends with an ex after a relationship

Question: Andie had bruises around a month ago. were those from you??
albiewhoshedid: hell no man. lets be for real. if i really hit her she would get more than a bruise or two okay

Question: I don't think Andi would lie about you hitting her or about anything else for that matter. And what kind of a person would say that his ex is a cheater when it's not even true?? Man up, dude!
albiewhoshedid: how about you man up and leave a name. listen punk you dont know shit about me okay. you wanna make me man up? come to katipunan anytime boy i ll whip your *ss. dont talk about me like you know me you c*nt

Question: what will u do if u and andi meet again?
albiewhoshedid: Nothing. Well if she provokes me honestly i might mouth off a bit

Question: would you ever want to get back with Andie if you did not treat her badly?
albiewhoshedid: Yeah keep thinking like you know everything so weel

Question: Do you wish you could patch things up with Andi? Kahit as friends na lang?
albiewhoshedid: No. I dont need her in my life anymore

Question: Ako yung nagtanong tungkol sa tuli at babae po ako LOL. Nakakabilib lang na you dont let your talent management to control you about these things. Isa ka ngang tunay na lalaki - walang inuurungan! O, eh kelan ka nga tinuli? LOL!
albiewhoshedid: at birth hahaha

Andi Eigenmann on her part, reacted on Albie's accusations by posting these tweets on her Twitter accounr (@andieigengirl):

"I just want justice to prevail and be right in people's eyes for once.

"I thought I was supposed to discreet. And I was. Cus I care abt both my personal life and my career. So what's going on?

"Now that its over I have to be ruined even more?

"At least the Lord knows I haven't done anything to hurt anyone that matters. Just by that, I'm fine.

"One more bump and I'm gonna talk.

"That's it. I don't care who people believes but it has gone way overboard. Check out albie's formspring (albiewhoshedid)<---

"(Albiewhoshedid)<-- analyze nyo lang kita nyo na yung ugali eh. And read through his answers.

"Question is why he had to have the reason to answer that question. So maybe it was him. Why would my friend, someone who just cares...

"Go about and tweet something out of disappointment if it were a lie.

"The issue is not what he's done but how he's trying to ruin my life and let him be wo defending myself. All I ver did for 2yrs was sty by hm

"Make sure he's happy and he doesn't get hurt. Cus I care. A lot. And why do I get this inn return? No one knows.

"I don't do this out of pity. Heck I even told myself not to stoop down to his level cus there's no need. At least I know the truth.

"But I think it has gone overboard. This guy knows me and knows the truth, yet has the guts to say suchc lies to save himself from NO danger at all.

"Noone could ever imagine how badly I've been hurt, but did anyone ever hear anything from me? No. Cus I care for him and I love him and amidst what he's done, I'd always wish the best for him. Another question is, so why wont he just stop and let me be?

"To the readers, he made himself hate me and did everything he can for me to stay out of his life.

"When all I ever did was love him as much as I could.

"What did I ever do to deserve this?

"To the judgmental ones, I don't need your replies. Haters, I got enough of you already, built by my everbeloved ex. I don't need more of it

"I believe I have enough class to not stoop down to his level and actually do such a thing as this. But for once, I just need to defend myslf

"To his fans, I know there are a lot, don't mind this if you can't believe it. Its nt an intention to take u against him at all. Thanks

"I know ill regret doing this cus I'm not the kind of person, but what's done is done.

"Girls, always remember to respect yourselves. No matter what. Always be careful. Don't stoop so low. Keep your class.

"@iloveajperez143 what r u saying? I was never w him. I cried under a blanket a million times at taping, for albie. Not for anybody else.

"I don't need to prove anything to the others. But what he said was really out of line, and he knows, as well as everybody else who knows me

"that I am not the type of girl at all and that I had sacrificed a whole lot for him because I loved him so much. I dont understand why I get that in return. Such a low blow to talk about me that way. He knows its not true.

"whoever will replace him will never be a consolation prize. He'll be my real prince charming ;) ♥

"@mermaidmayhem ask around our circle. He's done it infront of people. 10 guys? Cheating? Sya din yun eh.

"Thanks to all. But I never meant to get u guys against him. Just wantd 2 prove a point that's the most you'd get frm me evn if h dsnt stop

"@andieigenfans hayaan na natin sya guys. Wala naman kasi syang kalaban. Ano kaya nakain non? Wag nalang natin pansinin.

"@andieigenfans yuup!hehe grabe noh. parang may ginawa ako sakanya. Masyado syang galit.

"@amshussain08 @amshussain08 I wouldn't make a big deal out of that formspring acct if I'm not sure its his. Kung ayaw nyo maniwala, go. But I'm the one who knows him personally. He made that acct with me there.

"He went as low as bashing my family as well. That I cannot take. Talking about being drug addicts when he was the one getting high atm.

"Things that happen to me just cus I'm not a kiss up.

"Naiyak ako.hehe pabayaan nyo na kami. Ok kami. Maging ok nadin sana kayo.

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  1. grabe this is too much ..albies answers was so bullshit!!paano nya nasabi sa lahat yun he is not a private person he is in showbiz and ofcourse andi ... i always see albie in lasalle and i know him ..i never thought that he can do this thing .. man im sorry but im so dissappointed to you . i know and i also read this in your tweet .. bro, how can you hurt andy's feeling .. i know na nsaktan ka din ni andy but thats not enough reason para sabihin mo yun ...all this time i know how andy love you so much., hindi ganyan ang tinuturo ng lasalle bro.. kung di mo na nga lang din mabibigyan ng respect si andy but plz.. ang school nadalala mo ay school ng marami.. at kilala bro.. i know na grumaduate kana but still your diploma was namely lasalle...madaming umiidolo sayo but all of them hindi nila alam kung sino talaga c Alan Benedict Lee Casiño .. di kita sinisiraan but ikaw na mismo nag pakilala sau .. na ikaw mismo sa harap ng camera at fans mo was a good and gentleman ,humble and nice,, ?? pero sa likod nun ikaw ay gentledog,at walang respect sa babae.. so girls matakot kayong maging ex ni albie someday ba kau na ang e tweet at saktan nya,.. bro , nga pala magiging tatay kana .. hahaha goodluck!! thats your good karma!!but your bad karma hindi ipapakita ng eigenman sau ang magiging jr mo..andys can stand on her on feet without you.. thats your bad karma ... no,23 basketball player l.g.h.^_^

  2. Wait lang parang napaka negative naman ata nung sinasabi ng formspring ni albie, so much to the point na parang it was done on purpose, to ruin him. Just saying ah, i know he might not be the nicest guy out there but parang si andie lang naman yung nag "confirm" na formspring nga ni albie yun. Why would he write about stuff that could go back and bite his ass? Think about it, baka si andie humagawa ng lahat ng yon para mas lalong maawa sa kanya ang mga tao. Just a mind opener

  3. d point there is ,,man pls respect woman,,my mga ina kau,sna bgo kau mambastos ng mga babae icpn nyo nanay nyo!!