Marian Rivera binatokan si Manny Pacquiao sa Party Pilipinas, May 15 episode

Marian Rivera and Manny Pacquiao "batok" incident on Party Pilipinas last Sunday, May 15, is still being talked about as people continue to debate if it was just okay or not for Marian Rivera to do it to Manny Pacquiao.

Manny Pacquiao who won the fight against Sugar Shane Mosley last May 8 was given a homecoming party on GMA 7's Sunday musical variety show "Party Pilipinas" where he performed 6 songs (3 English and 3 Tagalog) along with Ogie Alcasid, Janno Gibbs and Lito Camo.

After his performances, Marian Rivera, Manny's co-star in "Show Me Da Manny", made a surprise appearance and there the "batok" incident happened.

Here's a screenshot of what happened:

Marian really hit Manny hard, but for close friends, I think it wasn't a big deal.

But for some viewers, they think it was kinda not proper to do it on live national TV, most especially to a Congressman and Pound-for-Pound King like Manny Pacquiao, who's well-respected and being idolized by many people around the world.

Here's a video of Manny Pacquiao's guesting on Party Pilipinas last Sunday, May 15, with Marian Rivera's "batok" incident happening on the last part:

What's your opinion on this Marian Rivera-Manny Pacquiao "batok" issue?

Video courtesy of GMA 7, uploaded on Youtube by wasderv

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5 Comment(s):

  1. What is the BIG DEAL people? I saw the show and Marian did it in a joking/ friendly manner between friends. In fact, everyone could see that a smiling Manny was very amused and even teased Marian in retaliation. They have a show together Show Me the Manny, and in all the interviews Marian always says that she respects and treat Manny like a big brother. And that incident in Party Pilipinas just showed that closeness between friends. I didn't know that a lot of evil minded people had to make a mountain out of an ants hill. . . . .goodness gracious! Get a life people! I for one finds it cute. With all those people kowtowing to Manny's every whim and kissing his "behind", at least Marian is honest and down to earth. She couldn't care less if Manny is a Congressman, she treated him like a brother and friend. After that incident, you can even see a smiling Manny retaliating by teasing Marian even more. This "non-issue" came up because ( those EVIL people were probably paid by other networks ) AMAYA is coming soon. . . . Am I right or what?!!! Therefore please, to all GMA 7 followers and DongYan fans let us all be united and support all shows GMA! People are not being fair and hitting Marian below the belt already because those networks are scared. GMA never made up intrigues of movie stars from other networks, how come that can't be said of the . . . . . .well you know what I mean, sigh! It's soooooo not fair! Keep up the good work GMA 7. God Be With Your Station!

  2. you're making a big deal out of nothing. pwede po bang medyo maging fair kayo? napaghahalataan kasing bias kayo eh.. pweh. actually, dito ko lang nalaman na may debate or usapan pala about this issue.. baka namn gusto mo lang mag smula? fu

  3. im not Marian´s fan but I think what she did is purely a joke. Not a big deal.. If you dont like Marian much better sealed your lips .before you said something bad.Judging a person you did´nt know is prejudice.

  4. its disgusting! OMG..isang congressman at world known boxer babatukan ng isang babaeng aliparot?!!!kahit sabihin mong pabiro lang un pero sa mga may isip at nag iisip ay hindi tama ang ginawa ni aliparot! anu na lang ang sasabihin ng ibang bansa kung makita nilang ganyan lang pala itrato si manny sa pinas binabatukan ng isang alipandas lang?!!!OMG!

  5. marian look beutiful ,so sweety ,i love u