Julia Montes and Enchong Dee: What's the real score?

Julia Montes and Enchong Dee are reportedly dating.

The rumor linking 16-year-old Julia Montes and 22-year-old Enchong Dee to each other actually started when SNN host Bianca Gonzalez revealed in one SNN episode that someone makes Enchong Dee so inspired.

And many people believe it's "Mara Clara" lead star Julia Montes, especially when they're spotted going out together.

A Facebook Fan Page called "ChongLia" coined after their names (Enchong and Julia) has been created recently and it's gaining followers.

I saw there this photo of the two, possibly taken during a "date":

Enchong Dee and Julia Montes date photo

On Elive's episode today, May 7, both Enchong Dee and Julia Montes denied there's something romantic going on between them, and insisted that they're just friends.

Will this rumored romance affect their respective careers in showbiz?

Enchong is identified in a loveteam with Erich Gonzales and both starring in "Maria La Del Barrio" which airs mid-2011 while Julia is on the rise as a "teleserye princess", portraying a lead role in the country's #1 primetime soap "Mara Clara".

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