Harold Camping Epic Fail: May 21 Rapture predictions went wrong

Harold Camping FAIL!!!

Camping's prediction that May 21, 2011 is Judgment Day, turned out so wrong.

Harold Camping failed already when he predicted End of the World in 1994, and for his 2nd try, which could have been his redeeming moment, Camping failed again in predicting the End of the World.

Camping predicted May 21 as the Rapture, that a select people will be taken to heaven while the others will be left to suffer until October 21, 2011. He also predicted that a strong earthquake will hit New Zealand at 6PM on May 21.

It's already May 22 in all parts of the world, and yet, nothing happened to all of us.

He was right though that a strong earthquake will rock New Zealand again after the destructive February 2011 quake. The country's Kermadec Island was struck by a magnitude 5.8 earthquake, but it happened May 22, 9AM (New Zealand time) and not 6PM, May 21.

If adjusted to the time zone of where Camping is currently based (California), the New Zealand earthquake occurred 2 PM on May 21.

International Business Times (IBTimes) has reported that Harold Camping is already missing now that his May 21, 2011 Rapture / Judgement Day predictions failed.

What will happen now to those who believed in Camping's predictions, those who quit from their jobs, those who sold their possessions and those who spent all their money believing May 21 was really the End of the World?


Wikipedia has compiled the important events that happened on May 21, 2011, which according to Harold Camping was the Rapture.

*In Syria, several people were killed and dozens of others were injured in Homs as Syrian security forces attacked the funeral of protesters killed in May 20 protest events during the country's uprising against the regime.

*In Libya, bus carrying foreign journalists was attacked by a pro-Muammar Gaddafi crowd; soldiers fired into the air to disperse the crowd.

*In Egypt, Egyptian border guards shot and injured an Eritrean woman when she attempted to cross into Israel.

*In Pakista, at least 15 people were killed near the town of Landi Kotal after a bomb destroyed an Afghanistan-bound oil tanker.

*In Afghanistan, at least 3 people were killed in a suicide attack at the Charsad Bestar Hospital in Kabul.

*In Northern Ireland, a bomb exploded in a bank in the city centre of Derry.

*In India, at least 42 people were killed and over 50 injured in dust storms and thunderstorms in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, adding to the three-day toll of over eighty dead.

*In Malaysia, 24 people were buried alive following a landslide at an orphanage in Malaysia, and 16 people were killed.

*Iceland's most active volcano, Grimsvotn, erupted, triggering 50 small earthquakes.

*In the USA, a tornado in the US town of Reading, Kansas killed at least one person and destroyed 20 homes.

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  1. plus, 8 quakes recorded in isabela in just 7 hours. haha!

  2. the BIBLE SAYS ."WE KNOW NOT TNE HOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Still people believing in these fanatics? Just as kathy said above, no one knows thr hour...