AJ Perez's death, top story in April 2011

The shocking death of AJ Perez was definitely the biggest story last month, April 2011.

On Mykiru Isyusero's monthly round-up of the 20 Most Viewed Posts on this blog, 9 of the Top 20 were all about AJ Perez, including his death, funeral, his last MMK appearance and even AJ's girlfriend Steph Ayson.

Surprisingly, Mykiru's blog post about Steph Ayson being spotted at AJ Perez's first night in La Salle Green Hills Chapel was the #1 most popular in April, beating the post about AJ being killed in a car accident which lands on #2.

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Speaking of Steph Ayson, did you know that she was denied by AJ Perez twice on Twitter?

Mykiru did a back-reading of AJ Perez's tweets last March and in two separate dates, the actor said "no" when asked by fans if Steph is his girlfriend.

The first one was last March 10, when Twitter user Princess Yao (@princessarahyao) tweeted a photo of AJ and Steph, and asked him if she's his girlfriend.

princessarahyao: "@ajperez17 hey AJ! Siya ba girlfriend mo?sabi mo kasi wla kang gf pero bakit sabi nung nagpost nyan gf mo daw yan. http://twitpic.com/47l95x"

And AJ replied, "@princessarahyao haha! No, just a friend :))"

Then a week after, March 17, exactly 1 month before his tragic death, another fan asked him about Steph.

EyaStrong: "@ajperez17 AJ Is this true http://plixi.com/p/84574448 ? GF mo si Steph Ayson? =//// Please answer my question =/"

AJ tweeted back, "@EyaStrong No, not true :))"

AJ being asked about Steph started when a series of photos of AJ and Steph were being posted on Twitter during that time by a Twitter user who uses an "inappropriate" username. That user's Twitter page no longer exists, but his/her Twitpic page does, and here are some of the uploaded pictures there of AJ and Steph:

It's understandable why AJ denied Steph girlfriend 'coz he was on the rise as a Kapamilya leading man and it might affect his blossoming career if he admits he has a non-showbiz girlfriend.

And some of his fans definitely wouldn't like to hear from AJ that he has a girlfriend.

But on my part, when I learned after AJ died that he had a girlfriend, it actually made me happy because that just means, he made the most out of his life, he was able to fully enjoy his youth and he was able to experience to love a girl and be loved in return.

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