Mikael Daez photo scandal comes out

Mikael Daez alleged photo scandal has hit the web more than a month after he was rumored having such on the internet last April.

The photo scandal shows a guy who looks so much like Mikael Daez videotaping his own naked self.

Mikael Daez's alleged photo scandal was first uploaded this morning via the blog Fashion Pulis!.

The blog author himself is unsure if the guy in the photo scandal is really Mikael Daez or just photoshopped to make it appear he was doing a scandalous thing.

What do you think guys?

Mikael Daez is a 23-year-old model who successfully made a shift to acting just recently when he played Marian Rivera's leading man on GMA 7's Spooky Nights Presents: Bampirella and soon on the epicserye "Amaya".

He's also making his big debut in the movies via the 2011 remake of "Temptation Island" which will be shown this June.

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