Conjoined twins with 1 body, 2 heads born in Suining, Sichuan, China

Huaxi Metropolis Daily, a local media in China, reports that a conjoined twins with a very rare condition were born in a hospital at Suining in Sichuan Province, China.

The conjoined twins who have 2 heads but only 1 body were born last May 5 via caesarian section.

conjoined twins born in China on May 5, 2011
Chinese conjoined twins born with a single body and two hdads (Reuters photo) reports that the conjoined twins are having difficuly in breathing.

A report from Xinhua News Agency in China states that the conjoined twins have separate stomach, kidney, esophagus, spines and respiratory systems but they share just one gall bladder, spleen, pelvis and reproductive system.

The twin girls have two hearts, but physical tests show that one heart has an abnormal shape, according to the report.

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