Phoem's phlegm

TV Patrol World Star Patroller Phoemela "Phem" Barranda has probably experienced the most embarassing moment in her life when she almost could not deliver a showbiz news last Thursday night on TV Patrol.

The reason? Phoem's Phlegm!

Yeah, Phem's supposed to be "secret phlegm" interrupted her reporting last night.

It suddenly got trapped in Phoem's throat and gave her a harsh voice while anchoring.

Phoem could not get rid of it 'til the very last word of her line for that particular segment.

That TV Patrol World September 16 episode has not yet been uploaded on Youtube, but you can watch it on one site.

One televiewer commented that Phoem did not even bother to say "Excuse me po!" when it happened because it's a famous line of Mike Enriquez whenever he coughs in his news program 24 Oras on GMA 7. Really???!!!

Phoemela Barranda has been an entertainment news anchor on TV Patrol World since 2007 as well as a segment host on The Buzz starting 2004 to present but it was the first time that happened to her.

Yeah it could really happen to anyone. It already happened to me.

There was a time that a "phlegm" interrupted my conversation with someone I haven't seen for a long time. He concluded then that I got sick that's why we haven't seen each other for awhile. "Get well soon!" was all he could say. Kahiya!

Now we know how a reporter or a news anchor could get embarassed, just like models fall on stage, singers choke while singing, women's breasts get exposed while dancing etc.

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