"Summer Boys" DVD coming soon!

An all-male DVD is due to come out anytime soon.

It's entitled "Summer Boys" featuring five totally bare guys such as Jamil Basa, Mike Acuña, Jeff Luna, Marco Posadas and Jay-ar Sales.

Jamil Basa, the most popular among the 5, starred in the indie film "Troika" in 2007.

Mike Acuña just had himself screened for Mister International Philippines 2009, Marco Posadas was a contestant at Hataw Superbodies Bikini Open 2008 while Jeff Luna already appeared in the instructional video "Pinoy Gay Kamasutra".

Jay-ar Sales is somehow new to my ear.

Here are three teaser photos for "Summer Boys":

Jay-ar Sales

Jeff Luna

Marco Posadas

Photos courtesy of Mango Tree / Mell Navarro

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13 Comment(s):

  1. Kailan kaya nila i-rerelease ang Pinoy Gay Kamasutra? When will it be available in video stores? Pakitanong naman po. Thanks!!!

  2. ive heard it has just been approved by the MTRCB

    target release date: second half of September or anytime on October.

  3. Thanks for the info on PGK.

    How about Summer Boys? When will it be released on video? Will it be this month? Hope to hear from you soon..

  4. hello there
    i don't think it's within the month.
    they're still wrapping up.

  5. how did you know that they're not yet done making the video if i may ask? do you know what to expect in the two dvds?

  6. hi ive known it from the video's publicist mell navarro...

    pinoy gay kamasutra is an instructional video

    as for summer boys.. i have no idea for now... what you see above are just teasers

  7. thanks for the info.

    kindly keep us posted on the release of the 2 videos.

  8. Any news when will the videos be released po?

  9. i really have no idea pa for now

    based on the latest update, nasa editing pa lang sila now.

  10. may balita na po ba?

  11. THANKS FOR THE INFO! I hope PGK, if ever it's gonna be released soon, wasn't butchered by the MTRCB. Would you have any idea as to how things went during the review process? Oh and I love Jeff Luna, he's the only reason why I'm lookin forward to these 2 vids.

    BTW, i really like your blog and I admire the fact that you take time to reply to readers' comments. Keep it up!


  12. thanks ha!!!

    i think summerboys is not yet submitted for review by the mtrcb...

    i have no idea how the review is being done...

    knowing MTRCB...they'll try to be the most conservative people on earth