'Jun Pyo' greets Pinoy fans

Boys Over Flowers' Lee Min-Ho aka Jun Pyo and 2NE1's Sandara Park had an interview on MBC Section TV program in Korea last September 11 and there, the two had one rare chance of greeting their Filipino fans.

Sandara said in Tagalog, "Kumusta kayong lahat! Si Sandara 'to, ayan kasama ko si Jun Pyo, inggit kayo no? beh!"

Lee Min-Ho, with the help of Sandara, also had his own short but meaningful message to his Pinoy fans: "Hello Philippines fans, mahal ko kayo!"

The two were interviewed during their photoshoot for their Cass Beer commercial.

Watch the video of the said interview (with English translation below):

English Translation by leeminho.com

Reporter : The hottest stars of 2009, BOF LMH and 2NE1 Sandara Park enjoyed a cool date, and I am going to reveal that spot tight away.

A man who showed up lightening the dark location!!!

Suddenly people was getting busy to take photos, the hero is the very LMH!

LMH Hello(wink)

PD Didn't you miss MBC Section TV program?

LMH I missed it so much. Why do you come only now?

PD What are you filming for?

LMH I was taking the photo shoot for beer CF in paper media.

In the previous CF, it became a topic that LMH filmed a thrilling kiss-scene with Jesica Gomez.

PD Then this time, with whom will you act together?

This girl with hip fashion will be his partner, 2NE1 Sandara Park.

PD Wow, You are well-matched each other. What is your impression after completing the CF filming with LMH?

Sandara I was thrilling and nervous, but it was exciting.

Of course she should.. They made a kiss-scene from the first meeting.
They kissed as many as over 100 times for the CF

PD Recently, your funny(weird) photos became the talk on the internet

Sandara :Aha~ the photos taken by myself....
I really like taking self-shots. I tried to take photos with various funny looks.

PD Please show us your best funny look just one time.

(Sandara made a funny face)

PD She is so beautiful whatever she expresses.

At that time, a new member of 2NE1 showed up at the studio, it is Santina(It means cheap in Korean) Park of 2NE4^^.

Reporter The two hottest icons in recent entertainment are attended here. BOF LMH and 2NE1 Sandara Park!!!!! They can't take their eyes off my hair. Mine is exactly same as Sandara's, right?

LMH It seems yours is much thinner.

Reporter Yep, I actually have thin hair. You look more handsome after the period since I have ever seen you.

LMH (I was too much occupied) Now, I feel comfortable while recharged...At that time(in my previous interview), I was exhausted by tight schedules.

Q: What was the first impression each other?

Dara: He looked like a rich boy

LMH: You got wrong.

Q: LMH, what was your impression of Sandana ?

LMH I thought she would be active and cute, but she is rather calm.

Many audiences may be surprised, if they hear Sandara is the eldest among three of us.
Dara was born in 1984, I was born in 1986 and LMH was born in 1987.

Q: Did you know that she is elder than you?

LMH Yes, I did

Q: It seems strange that you call her as elder sister (Nuna)?

LMH So I didn't call her as elder sister, but just Miss Sandara

Q: Which group do you like most among girl groups?


He answered as soon as finishing the question.

Q: Do you know any song of 2NE1?

LMH I don't care

Q : Please sing a few bars.

LMH I don't care

Q: He really sang only one bar of the song, "I don't care" ^^
Many people made parodies of 2NE1, have you ever seen that?

Sandara Yes, I have.

Q: Which parody are you satisfied with the most?

Sandara The parody done by KyungRim unni seemed the best since it's first one so we watched it with curiosity.

Q: I heard you visited the Philippines as a short vacation.

Sandara I visited for 2 nights and 3 days

Sandara already gained a big popularity in the Philippines before her debut in Korea.
Now she is getting more popular.

Q: This program "Section TV" is aired all around world.
Please give greetings to the fans in the Philippines

(Sandara greeted in Tagalog) kumusta kayong lahat, si Sandara to, ayan kasama ko si Jun Pyo, inggit kayo no? beh!"
("Hello everyone, this is Sandara, I bet you're all envious because I'm with Jun Pyo. aren't you? beh!")

Q: (Though we don't understand what she said) It's exciting

Sandara When I went to the Philippines, people asked me "Have you seen GJP"

Q: Really~ I've also heard BOF had made a big hit there.
So don't you feel the need of learning Philippines language?

LMH It seems hard to learn it in a short period of time

Sandara I am telling you a word in Tagalo. "mahal ko kayo"
It means I love you all. The Philippines fans might like it very much

LMH: "Hello Philippines fans, mahal ko kayo"

Sandara It's my first time to greet to the audiences through this program, and I am very glad to meet you. Please give your great love to me and also to 2NE1.

LMH I was very happy to see you after a long time, give your big love to the reporter and me.

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