MYX VJ Search 2009 Finalists

MYX is once again searching for the next youth ambassadors to follow the footsteps of MYX VJ Search 2007 winners Andrei Felix, Igi Guerrero, Sanya Smith and Mica Froilan and 2008 winners Robi Domingo, Monica Yncierto, Bianca Roque and Chino Lui Pio.

This 2009, there are 11 finalists (6 girls and 5 boys) competing to be the next MYX VJ.

Among them are teen actress and Jaclyn Jose's daughter Andi Eigenmann, Lipgloss star Kevin Lapeña, Superbods '09 winner Therese Fenger, acoustic singer Miki Hahn and ex-Batibot kid Kristoff Tiozon (photo), who currently has the 2nd hightest text votes as of this writing.

Get to know the MYX VJ Search 2009 Finalists (info provided by MYX Philippines) plus the instruction on how to vote for your favorite finalist...

Andi (Text MYXVJ 1 and Send to 2366)
Full Name: Andrea Nicole Guck Eigenmann
Age: 19
Occupation: Actress

Born of superstar genes, Andi is a budding actress who can arrest viewers with her fresh face and brilliant smile. Add to that her ability to charm the camera with her flair for hosting and you got one VJ hopeful who’s sure to leave a mark on everyone’s mind.

Ant (Text MYXVJ 2 and Send to 2366)
Full Name: Anthony Mark Porter Santos
Age: 22
Occupation: Chef

The country boy from Oklahoma is poised to cook up a storm on this year’s MYX VJ Search. He’s done a bit of acting and hosting back in the U.S. but Ant takes pride more as an accomplished chef. See if this heartthrob in the making can tickle our taste buds with his VJ skills.

Jade (Text MYXVJ 3 and Send to 2366)
Full Name: Jade Marie Bibay Sison
Age: 18
Occupation: Student

The youngest of this year’s bunch, Jade is the model student – doing school events left and right. Don’t let her small stature fool you. As they say, good things come in small packages.

Janine (Text MYXVJ 4 and Send to 2366)
Full Name: Janine Marie Campos Ramirez
Age: 22
Occupation: Marketing Specialist

A master of facial expressions, Janine admits to have a natural love for talking. Give this gal a mic and she’s sure to talk your ears off. But will this marketing specialist be able to sell herself for this year’s search?

Kevin (Text MYXVJ 5 and Send to 2366)
Full Name: Kevin Christian Lapeña
Age: 19
Occupation: Student/Actor

Kevin is probably the most familiar face among the boys since he already starred in a youth-oriented TV series. This boy-next-door is into sports, music and martial arts – a lethal combination to own for the tough job of being a MYX VJ.

Lana (Text MYXVJ 6 and Send to 2366)
Full Name: Therese Fenger
Age: 21
Occupation: Singer/Performer

Coming in at 5 feet 8 inches tall is Canadian-born stunner Lana. This singer/performer who’s part of an up-and-coming girl group will surely leave male viewers begging for more.

Miki (Text MYXVJ 7 and Send to 2366)
Name: Mikaela Miriam Leticia Hahn
Age: 20
Occupation: Student/Singer

Miki professes a love for the arts namely painting, sketching, singing, acting and designing. Also a budding recording artist, she considers Alicia Keys as her main influence. Keep an eye out for her album when you hit the record stores.

Miko (Text MYXVJ 8 and Send to 2366)
Full Name: Michael Derek Morente
Age: 19
Occupation: Student/Model

Voted in school as most likely to be a star, Miko admits to really digging Lady Gaga. This 5’11 hunk stands out in the crowd with his infectious energy. One big reason why he’s thrilled to be a finalist: getting the chance to be around his crush VJ Nikki!

Nel (Text MYXVJ 9 and Send to 2366)
Name: Nelsito Gomez
Age: 19
Occupation: Student

A healthy mix of Colombian and Filipino blood has given 19-year old Nel features worthy of a Greek god. This homeschooled theater performer can surely dance his way into the hearts of MYX viewers.

Sarah (Text MYXVJ 10 and Send to 2366)
Full Name: Sarah Gaugler
Age: 22
Occupation: Visual Artist, Musician & Tattoo Artist

Sarah definitely adds some character to this year’s MYX VJ Search. The vocalist of the band Turbo Goth is also a tattoo artist and visual artist to boot. Her eclectic taste in music can be her edge to come out on top. Expect her to silently make this a very exciting competition indeed.

Toff (Text MYXVJ 11 and Send to 2366)
Name: Kristoffer Michael Tiozon
Age: 25
Occupation: Graphic Artist

Appearing on “Batibot” is a badge of honor one should carry with pride. And Kristoff sure is proud to forever have that on his resume. This graphic artist is a colorful individual who’s sure to add some life to this year’s batch of hopefuls.

Voting ends on October 13, 2009 and winners will be announced during the live finale on October 15 at SM North Annex (Cyberzone).


Text votes update:
as of September 22, 2009

1. Ant (VJ No. 2) 7,597 votes
2. Toff (#11) 6,911
3. Andi (#1) 6,507
4. Jade (#3) 4,095
5. Kevin (#5) 3,800
6. Miki (#7) 3,752
7. Janine (#4) 3,490
8. Miko (#8) 2,183
9. Nel (#9) 1,927
10. Sarah (#10) 1841
11. Lana (#6) 1,507

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