Meet Kenneth, Gerald Anderson's brother

Gerald Anderson's brother Kenneth is as hot as Gerald...

Kenneth or Ken is also a model and an aspiring actor who used to be one of Gerald's back-up dancers during mall shows.

I've heard he recently auditioned for Pinoy Big Brother.

Here's Ken with brother Gerald...

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6 Comment(s):

  1. Wow! He's hot! It runs in their blood.

  2. he is definitely a his full lips.....

  3. i agree super hot ang body nya.. yumyumyum ahihihihiih

  4. super yummyy..

    parang may similarities sya sa mga pornstar ng M2M..ahihihi

    sana maka one night stand ko sya pag uwi ko ng pinas ahihihiihi

  5. yea he defenitely has hunk material . . they resemble eachother a lot (of course bcuz ther brothers), but gerald has a more pinoy look while his borther has a more miztezo look . . .like almost latin