Geoff Eigenmann - Men's Health - June 2009

It's indeed a double treat for Geoff Eigenmann this month of June.

After being tapped to play Fernando Jose in the Pinoy remake of Rosalinda, Geoff Eigenmann is also in the cover of Men's Health (Philippines) for its June 2009 issue.

Notice that big "KNOCK OUT FAT" on the cover.

Well, Geoff, who used to be very chubby, is going to share some secrets in having a well-defined body that he has now.

"For me, criticism is constructive. Say anything you want and I'll just prove you wrong," says Geoff as found in the cover story of Men's Health.

I think that's also Geoff's message to those who are against his selection as Fernando Jose.

Some are not in favor of Geoff playing Fernando Jose, because according to them, he's too chubby for the role and he doesn't look an inch of Fernando Carillo, the original Fernando Jose.

With that statement of Geoff, I think he's gonna prove them wrong.

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