Passion's Muse Anne Curtis on MEG June 2009


After being a two-time cover girl last month, Anne Curtis is covering up another magazine, this time in the June 2009 cover of MEG Magazine.

Here are some excerpts from the interview:

You have so much on your plate, how does it feel to be where you are? I'm just loving it. I love what I do, I don't even think in that way, like however I was before, it's still the same kind of passion but it's just that I have more of it now. So it's the same thing and I still love it that's why I don't complain so much with the workload, I don't complain with the sleepless nights because I love what I do. So to anyone who can't take that, they obviously don't enjoy what they're doing.

What is the one advice that you always remember? Well when it comes to my work and even with life in general, [it's that] you just don't know how much a smile can do for someone, how [far] it goes, like the effect of a smile, how beyond it goes after you're actually done with the whole action. It goes beyond that, it reaches different stories, and so on, and so forth.

What was the biggest challenge you've overcome lately? First the death of my little sister, it's [been] the biggest challenge because it's my first time I had to deal with that, who's in my direct family. I held her when she was first born, she was four months when she passed away because of heart failure so it was really, really hard. I was just so blessed that at that time, I was close to God and that helped me so much to deal with death. Because before when people would ask me, "What's your biggest fear?" Death. And I was able to get through that, and it brought together the whole family, even my half siblings on my dad's side. And then, heartache siguro. The biggest heartache of my life so far that I had to deal with. As I said when you're surrounded by good company, good friends, good family and people who support you, it's all you really need.

Check out full interview with Anne Curtis at MEG's June 2009 issue, which is now available nationwide!

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