Indie cinema's pride Kristoffer King

Kristoffer King, who gone controversial in the movies Serbis and Showboyz, is really getting good breaks by starring in great indie films since 2004.

Kristofer has made a mark in indie films for having no inhibitions, especially with his erotic frontal scenes most notably the "real" bj scene in the movie Serbis, Philippines' entry to Cannes 2008.

Aside from Serbis and Showboyz, he starred in a number of critically-acclaimed indie movies such as Babae sa Breakwater, Masahista, Tirador, Nars and Aurora.

Two of which (Babae sa Breakwater and Masahista) earned him nominations from FAMAS and URIAN.

Add to Kristofer's impressive movie portfolio is the soon-to-be-released Karera, which is directed by Adolfo Alix Jr (Donsol, Manila).


Karera boasts of a great cast which includes Laurice Guillen, Rosanna Roces, Jay Manalo, Allan Paule, Menggie Cobarrubias, Soliman Cruz, Arnold Reyes, Edgar Allan Guzman, Mercedes Cabral and Joem Bascon.

Joem Bascon

Jay Manalo

Edgar Allan Guzman


KARERA captures a day in the life of the Domingo family, which seems to be a microcosm of the Filipino society racing against time and opportunity as they gamble with their personal choices in a series of complicated moral, spiritual, political and social issues.

The mother, LV (Guillen), runs a "bookies" (an illegal horse race betting outlet) in their house. Today, the money she is supposed-to-remit is missing. She struggles to look for the missing money and traces who might get hold of it. Ace (Manalo), LV's eldest, who works as a "sota" (horse caretaker) is torn between pursuing an illegal arrangement with one of the other trainors to injure the horse he takes care of in exchange for a hefty sum of money that he can use for his placement fee. Daisy (Roces), the matriarch's daughter, is running away from policemen after an arrangement that she needs to pinpoint all the other illegal karera outlets to spare her family. Bingo (Bascon), their youngest, is impatiently waiting for his girlfriend to have sex with him after a bet with his friends.

What happens is a raw and gritty drama of human survival.

Watch trailer of Karera...

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