'Pitik Bulag' promo pics

Dramatic turned sexy actor Marco Alcaraz and cover girl Paloma (photos below) are both "revealing" in the erotic indie film entitled Pitik Bulag (Blind Luck).

Pitik Bulag, which was supposed to hit theaters last May 27, will finally open this July 1, 2009 (same playdate of Star Cinema's Villa Estrella).

Premier night is on June 23 at Gateway Cinema in Cubao.

Directed by Gil Portes (Mulanay, Homecoming), it also stars Victor Neri, who has an orgy scene in the film.

Sorry guys, Marco has no frontal scenes in the movie, but he has a butt exposure there (at least).

We regularly see Marco in his undies on Bench fashion shows, and in Pitik Bulag, we shall see the most daring and super hot Marco ever.

Check out these promo pics of Pitik Bulag...

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