Face Off: Hayden Kho and Edison Chen


Hayden Kho and Edison Chen are now described as Asia's Scandal Kings.

But who will reign supreme? Who's hotter of the two?

Definitely, both of them are considered "hot" as far as their scandals are concerned.

Early 2008, Hong Kong's Edison Koon-Hei Chen, a popular singer-actor-model and one of E! Sexiest Men in the World, hit it big time when his collection of racy photos with at least 14 past-and-present girlfriends, who were also famous celebrities, circulated on the internet.

At least ten people were punished for illegally distributing Edison Chen's photos on the net.

Edison Chen's photo scandal did not only make news in Hong Kong but in other parts of the world as well.

For the record, there were about 1,300 leaked private photos of Chen and several women.

Some of the women identified were Bobo Chan (photo below), Gillian Chung, Candice Chan, Rachel Ngan, Mandy Chen, Cecilia Cheung, Vincy Yeung and even Maggie Q.

It's by far considered as Asia's largest sex photo scandal ever.

And this year, since last month, another Asian-sounding name is making his mark on the internet via his s-x video collections with different celebrities.

Hayden Kho Jr., a doctor turned actor in the Philippines, has been identified as the guy in various sex videos also with several women such as Pinay sexy actress Katrina Halili, another Filipino model/actress and a still unidentified Brazilian model.

Kho has admitted he owns those videos but denied spreading those on the internet.

Until now, the person or people involved in downloading the videos on the net have not yet been fully identified nor punished.

It has rocked the whole Philippines and has become a national issue especially after Senator Bong Revilla tackled the issue via a privilege speech at the Philippine Senate.

Unlike in Edison Chen's case by which authorities concentrated more on going after the people who downloaded the photos, Filipino officials have been more rigorous in probing for Hayden Kho and want him punished for violating the rights of women.

As of latest development, Philippines' National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) has already filed a case against Hayden Kho.

Just like the Edison Chen scandal, the Hayden Kho video scandal has already caught the attention of those outside Asia.

The Hollywood Reporter, an entertainment news website in the US, has already reported about it last June 2.

Patrick Frater, a veteran entertainment journalist, says that the Philippines has already been gripped by a monthlong celebrity sex scandal that has touched the film industry, disgraced politicians and driven up TV ratings.

He also said that the Hayden scandals remind him of Edison scandals.

It seems like the Hayden Kho scandal is fast becoming as Asia's biggest sex video scandal ever.


Now you know them both.

It sounds funny but many believe that Hayden and Edison are soulmates.

Other than the fact they are both "stars" in their own scandals, they were both born in 1980 (Year of the Monkey).

And on the following photos, you'll see some similarities:

Same black pants???!!!

The same posing...

Similar hairstyle...

Both love to hold his "microphone"...

And also aside from both having a laptop, where the photos and videos originated, both Hayden and Edison had a girlfriend with almost the same name, Vicky (Belo) for Hayden and Vincy (Yeung) for Edison.


Not only Philippines has its own Edison Chen. Non-celebrity Gary Ng came out of nowhere and become so popular in Singapore when he downloaded his own videos with several women on the net.

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