Alert!!! Hayden Kho Jr's 9th leaked video

Another scandalous video of Hayden Kho Jr and an unidentified woman has hit the net before the month ends...

Compared to the previously uploaded Hayden Kho Jr videos online, the setting for the new video, which has a running time of more than 5 minutes, is still the same.

You can still identify the same bed and aircon unit which you have seen in the previous videos, but the camera view this time is different.

It's positioned on the right part of the room and with that odd position, it's clear now that it was taken for the purpose of just having it as a "souvenir" rather than to be used for future satisfaction.

The still unidentified woman in the latest video is a mestiza-looking sexy lady, probably just one of the past "flings" of Hayden Kho Jr.

Many are highly anticipating for the release of Hayden Kho Jr-Princess Marie Velasco video (with alleged screen shots posted at fleshasiadaily[dot]com), but definitely the girl in the 9th leaked video is not Princess Velasco.

The woman is now added to the growing roster of Hayden Kho Girls as seen on the previously leaked videos such as Katrina Halili, Maricar Reyes and a Brazilian model.

It's now the 9th Hayden Kho Jr video to have leaked on the net since May of 2009 and up to now, I'm still wondering who's doing all these things.

And it seems like it has become a series of videos and just like a TV series, its finale is uncertain and most likely to end up with a bang.

Here's the list of the 8 previously leaked videos of Hayden Kho Jr:

#1 Hayden and Katrina Halili - Careless Whisper
#2 Hayden and Katrina - Beautiful Girl
#3 Hayden and Katrina - Actual Sex Video
#4 Hayden and Maricar Reyes - Part 1
#5 Hayden and a Brazilian Model
#6 Hayden and Maricar - Part 2
#7 Hayden and Maricar - Part 3
#8 Maricar - Sleeping Beauty

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  1. ang sabi ni hayden more or less may 11 videos sya... so are we waiting for 4 more including vicky belo.. - yehnzs

  2. The actual video's length is 16:45. I uploaded it to rapidshare a while ago.

  3. ang galing talaga ni hayden ! talo pa nya ngayon si michael jackson sa kasikatan ! ilabas mo pa hayden at ng labasan ang lahat ng manood ng mga video mo ! heheheheheh