Coco Martin frontal scene in 'Serbis' surfaced on the net

Almost exactly one year since Brillante Mendoza's Serbis was shown in the Philippines, the frontal scene of Pinoy Indie Cinema Prince and Tayong Dalawa star Coco Martin for the movie has surfaced on the net just recently.

It was a big publicity for Serbis last year, wherein Coco even cried foul over the said frontal shot.

According to his camp, it was a "breach of trust" on their part.

And now, the controversial scene has made its way on Youtube (for a limited time of course).

Coco Martin is now being called Mr. Choco Stick just because of that.

Aside from that, the movie also had another controversial scene, this time involving Kristoffer King and Julia Taylor.

The film was initially given an X rating by the MTRCB, but was lowered down to R-18 later after deleting those scenes.

The Youtube video of Serbis has a French subtitles, which means, the version shown in France (61st Cannes Film Festival) was the one uploaded there.

Other than France and the Philippines, Serbis was also shown in Singapore, Argentina, New Zealand and USA.

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