Daniel Padilla vs Paul Salas Twitter War: "Ano? Sagot!"

A Twitter war has just erupted between Daniel Padilla and Paul Salas. Is it for real? Or just a prank? I am hoping it's the latter.

Daniel Padilla, a huge Steph Curry fan, in a Twitter war now versus Paul Salas, a huge Lebron James fan (photos via Instagram)

Many were surprised when a seemingly mad Daniel Padilla posted these two successive tweets earlier this evening. One was a reply to a tweet by his friend Marco Gumabao, and the other one was a tweet to Paul Salas.

What really happened? What triggered Daniel to post such tweets?

A look at Marco's tweet, quoting another tweet, would lead you to where and how it all started.

Paul Salas allegedly making a comment ("hahahahaha curry na curry ba") against Daniel Padilla on Facebook started this whole thing. It seemed like he and his friends "belittled" or making fun of Daniel's play during the recent Star Magic All-Star Game last Sunday (where DJ had an almost scuffle with JC De Vera), based on these screenshots of a Facebook post by one of Paul's friends that eventually made its way to Twitter.

Just read all these tweets, to fully understand what exactly is going on now.

Perhaps to put on record who's the better player on the hardcourt, Daniel and friends (Marco Gumabao, Patrick Sugui, Axel Torres, Anjo Damiles) challenged Paul and friends to a 5 on 5 basketball match, and the latter accepted the challenge.

Respective rumored girlfriends of DJ and Paul, Kathryn Bernardo and Barbie Imperial, have tweeted support for the boys.

Kathryn posted a GIF of Stephen Curry doing a "thumbs-up", while Barbie tweeted that she also fully supports Paul, even if she gets bashed for doing so.

Meanwhile, Patrick Sugui and Anjo Damiles, who are also both so game to be part of the challenge in support of their friend Daniel, have sent out a strong message for Paul in their respective Twitter accounts

Interestingly, Daniel, Kathryn, Barbie and Patrick happen to be co-stars in the primetime soap 'La Luna Sangre'.

It's a serious thing that might get worse if the basketball match would push through and if ABS-CBN and Star Magic would do nothing to fix the issue involving its talents. - Mykiru.ph

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