Jake Zyrus on MMK 'Jumper' episode: "My no. 1 basher is my mom"

We have just witnessed Jake Zyrus' life story on MMK, and it came as a shock that it tackled not just only the struggles he had for being an LGBTQA member and his transition from Charice to Jake, but also how his mom "maltreated" him since his childhood days because of his sexuality.

Jake Zyrus breaks down in a scene from MMK "Jumper", August 26, 2017 episode (photo by MMK / ABS-CBN)

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Based on Jake's story on MMK, his mother Racquel Pempengco, who was brilliantly portrayed by Dina Bonnevie, never fully accepted him for who he is.

There's even one heartbreaking scene where he said that his mom was his #1 basher.

"Alam mo ba kung gaano kasakit, na ang #1 basher ko ay ang sarili kong ina?", Charice / Jake Zyrus said, while talking to his ex-girlfriend (played by Erin Ocampo).

It was also shown how Mommy Raquel repeatedly called her "hayop" and "imoral".

His mom perhaps is fuming mad now after watching his story on MMK.

I understand Jake's longing for acceptance and I respect him for who he is, but I also feel bad for his mom that she was portrayed as evil there. Assuming she's that bad, I can feel she's still a good mom because she only wanted the best for her child.

Jake Zyrus wouldn't be what he is or wouldn't have what he has now if not because of his mom, who apparently pushed him to dream big and molded him to be the Charice that the world loved before.

MMK I guess should also feature her side of the story.

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