Arci Muñoz had a nose job? See before and after photos!

Arci Muñoz is being talked about now in social media sites for allegedly getting a nose job (again) that terribly went wrong.

Did she really do it? Was she trying to look like Angelina Jolie that she ended up looking like the late Michael Jackson? What did she do to her already beautiful face?

Many netizens believe that Arci Muñoz did something to her face (her nose and lips in particular) especially after looking almost unrecognizable during her recent public appearance at the Shout! 2017 event by Accenture Philippines held last Sunday at the World Trade Center.

Take a look at her photos, before and after the alleged "retoke" or plastic surgery, and see the difference. Her lips also become thicker. (Note that those on the left are "before" pics grabbed from Arci's IG account @ramonathornes and those on the right are "after" pics taken by attendees during the Accenture event)

photos courtesy of @ramonathornes and @august.calinog

photos via Francis John Contreras, @ramonathornes and @redjflores

photos via @ramonathornes and @beingsmooth

photos via @thianrodriguezmla and @alyssamaeacielo

So, what do you think? Did she? -

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