Vice Ganda pokes fun at Arci Muñoz' lips

Arci Muñoz has become the latest subject of Vice Ganda's joke on It's Showtime while hosting 'Tawag ng Tanghalan' segment with Anne Curtis.

photo credits: ABS-CBN, @vidagayle on Instagram

Just 2 days after he made a personal public apology to seasoned journalist Tony Calvento (who got offended and threatened to sue after the Showtime host made a reference to him while interviewing one Tawag ng Tanghalan semi-finalist), Vice did another name dropping in his joke today, this time involving Arci Munoz, whose latest pictures have sparked "retoke" rumors.

Vice mentioned Arci while he took notice of Anne Curtis' "lagpas lipstick" make-up.

"Taray pala ng lipstick mo ngayon, lagpas na lagpas sa labi no? Hiyang-hiya siguro si Arci Munoz sa 'yo ngayon," Vice laughingly told Anne while they were hosting Tawag ng Tanghalan, drawing laughs from the audience. (photos courtesy of ABS-CBN)

While Arci isn't gonna react like Tony Calvento, the actress for sure won't be happy about people making fun of her looks especially after the heavy bashing she has experienced recently in connection with the nose job and "retoke" rumours. [READ ALSO: Arci Munoz had a nose job? See before and after photos!]

She's also extra sensitive when it comes to comments on her lips, and even hit back at one basher, who described hers as horrible.

Before getting harsh criticisms for her new look, Arci had a permanent lip tint, based on an Instagram video posted by Pretty Looks Aesthetics Center (@prettylooksph) last August 7th. She is yet to confirm whether or not she went through any enhancement for the other parts of her face.

Other than the issue with Calvento, Vice Ganda also stirred up controversy recently with his joke about GMA's "Where You Belong" slogan.

"Kung sinasabing ang GMA ay 'where you belong', ba't sila naglilipatan?," Vice jokingly asked one candidate during the Miss Q and A portion of It's Showtime. -

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